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Kelly traveled to the Galapagos in late September of 2009 to spend 40 days studying, sketching and photographing the unique animals and plants of the Islands. Her objective was to bridge the gap between science and art through a purposeful expedition of field studies, photographs, and interviews with experts of the region.
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“My paintings are a celebration of the privileged place I hold in partnership with my fellow creatures and my Creator. My goal is to re-create the narrative that I read all around me, those interactions or moments that catch my breath and bring me closer to God. My artistic process relies heavily on intimate observation and relationship. I have had the privilege of meeting firsthand the creatures who become the subjects of my artwork. My paintings are a reflection of the need to express the joy creation brings to me and to ultimately share it with others giving credit only where credit is due. To God be the Glory!”

~ Kelly Dodge


Latest Artwork
Whisper Song - Self-portrait and Blue Jay by Kelly Dodge (2) Click to view a larger image. Whisper Song  (2017)
Self-portrait and Blue Jay
11 x 8.5

Original Available
Precious Tears - Figurative by Kelly Dodge (2) Click to view a larger image. Precious Tears  (2016)
8 x 12
Oil on panel

Original Available
Kelly Dodge
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