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The AFC Flag Expeditions Program (formerly WNAG Flag Expeditions) was created to make possible the field study and artistic rendering of endangered species or habitats deserving of greater public attention. There is a strong emphasis on the study of unique, threatened habitats, and rare or endangered species in remote regions. AFC Signature Members can apply to obtain financial support and the privilege of carrying the AFC (WNAG) flag on their journeys to these distant and ecologically important areas of the planet. More info...

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Flag Expedition #11:
How an Artist Saved the Mountain Gorilla: Retracing the Footsteps of Carl Akeley 85 Years Later
Steve's Flag Expedition will revisit the actual site of the American Museum of Natural History's Mountain Gorilla diorama in the Virunga volcanoes in Africa with the intent of documenting the changes that have occurred in the diorama and its painted background scene.
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Flag Expedition #10:
GALAPAGOS - Forty Days and Forty Nights- An Artists Sojourn
Kelly traveled to the Galapagos in late September of 2009 to spend 40 days studying, sketching and photographing the unique animals and plants of the Islands. Her objective was to bridge the gap between science and art through a purposeful expedition of field studies, photographs, and interviews with experts of the region.
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Flag Expedition #9:
The Argali Mountain Sheep of Mongolia: An Artistís Study of the Animal and the Desert-Steppe
Ms. Fox will travel to the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve in Mongolia in July of 2009 to study, sketch and photograph the endangered Argali, the world's largest mountain sheep. This is the ninth expedition fellowship under the AFC Flag Program.
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Flag Expedition #8:
Not the way of the Dodo - Endangered Species of Mauritius
Ria Winters visited Mauritius to study, render and support conservation of itís endangered species with special focus on its birds. This is the eighth expedition fellowship under the AFC Flag Program.
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Flag Expedition #7:
The Freshwater Seals of Lake Baikal, Russia
This is the 7th Flag Expedition, with sculptor Terry Woodall travelling to Lake Baikal in Russia to observe and record the rare Baikal Seal in its habitat.He hopes to support conservation efforts through fundraising and education both inside and outside Russia.
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Flag Expedition #6:
Cross River Gorillas - The Most Endangered Primate
In this sixth Flag Expedition, Daniel Taylor travels to Cameroon to observe the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla in its remaining habitat, conduct the first artistic field study of the primate in the wild and support conservation efforts through fundraising and education.
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Flag Expedition #5:
Painting the Painted Dogs - Artistic Study of An Endangered Hunter
Join Alison in August, 2007 as she works with the Painted Dogs Conservation project and studies Painted Dogs in-situ at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.
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Flag Expedition #4:
The Flora & Fauna of Bhutan - An Artist's Journey through the Land of the Thunderdragon
On March 28, 2007, UK artist Pollyanna Pickering and her daughter/manager Anna-Louise Pickering departed for Bhutan sketch and paint the rare flora and fauna of this largely undisturbed region of the Himalayas.
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Flag Expedition #3:
The George River Boreal Forest Expedition
Paddle by canoe through the northern boreal forest with Rob Mullen, Lindsey Foggett and Robert Bateman down the George River toward the Arctic Ocean.
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Flag Expedition #2:
The Sacred Source - A Portrait of the Ganges
Join David Rankin in May as he sends field reports directly from the headwaters of the Ganges river in the foothills of the Himalayas.
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Flag Expedition #1:
Observing & Portraying the Endangered Harpy Eagle & its Habitat
Travel with Canadian artist David Kitler to the remote jungles of Panama's Darien Province to learn about the magnificent but endangered Harpy Eagle - the world's most powerful bird.
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On July 30th, Susan Fox returned from her expedition to Mongolia to study the endangered Argali (sheep).
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