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Linda RossinLinda Rossin   SAA, AFC, MAA, MPSGS, CPA, AMA, ICMA Linda Rossin
Birds, Mammals, Fine Art Miniatures

Miniature Artists of America
Linda Rossin has been elected as a Signature Member into The Miniature Artists of America. The MAA is the first organization to honor nationally
outstanding professionals in American miniaturism.

Miniature Artists of America, the first national society to honor outstanding practitioners of American miniature art, was founded in Clearwater, Florida, in 1985. In addition to recognizing leading contemporary miniaturists, its purpose is to broaden public understanding and appreciation of this ancient art form.

An invitational organization, MAA accepts no more than ten artists each year into its ranks as Signature Members. The Jury of Admission selects candidates from artists who have been admitted to at least ten competitive shows staged by major nonprofit miniature societies in the United States within the previous five years and who have received awards from these shows. The Jury may also invite other outstanding professionals who work "in little" but who may not be associated with a miniature society. However, they must be nominated by three Signature Members and submit at least five works for review by the Jury.

MAA Mission
* Honoring top professionals in American Miniature Art.
* Encouraging a national awareness and understanding of fine miniature art among artists,collectors, exhibitors and the general public.
* Promoting scholarship and study in the field of miniature art.
* Maintaining a collection of contemporary American miniature art.


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