Eocene Period - Ellesmere Island as it appeared 50 million years ago. - Painting - Nature Art by Stephen Quinn

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Stephen QuinnStephen C. Quinn   SAA, AFC Stephen Quinn
Wildlife Art, Natural History Dioramas
Prehistoric Diorama - AMNH Extreme Mammals Exhibit - Eocene Period - Ellesmere Island as it appeared 50 million years ago. by Stephen Quinn
  Prehistoric Diorama - AMNH Extreme Mammals Exhibit  (2009)
Subject: Eocene Period - Ellesmere Island as it appeared 50 million years ago.
Dimensions (inches): 0 x 0
Description: This diorama depicts a scene above the arctic circle at what today is Ellesmere Island as it appeared 50 million years ago during a point in the earths history known as the 'Thermal Maximum'. At this point in time the earth's average global temperature was an estimated 85 degrees Fahrenheit and Arctic regions were covered with seasonal swamp forest. The forest is dominated by Glyptostobus trees that are similar to today's Bald Cypress, and other plants associated with swampy habitats such as lotus, salvinia, and azola. The animals featured in the diorama are the large hippo-like ungulate, Coryphodon, the basal carnivore, Vulpavus, and an ancient arctic tapir. Also, painted in the background painting is Agnathosuchus, an ancient crocodilian and an ancient species of turtle, both indicators of a warm arctic ecosystem where, though the environment fell into dark winter months, temperatures never dropped below freezing, thus providing for the survival of reptiles and crocs.
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