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Wildlife Paintings
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EASTERN KINGBIRD & LONG-EARED OWL -  by Carel Brest van Kempen
Dimensions (inches): 22 x 16
Medium: India Ink Wash and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper
Description: Long-eared Owls (Asio otus) nest and roost in heavy woods, which is where we normally see them, but at night when they're foraging, they are creatures of open meadows; here in the Rocky Mountains, they frequently hunt in sage steppes. In this painting I took away the normal button-eyed expression of the Long-eared Owl and replaced it with one of dismay and abject annoyance. Eastern Kingbirds (Tyrannus tyrannus) have a red crown patch that's almost always completely obscured by black feathers. As kind of a joke, I used a touch of watercolor to show those red feathers peeking through.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $4,200.00 US

Limited Edition Available: Yes


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