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Linda RossinLinda Rossin   SAA, AFC, MAA, MPSGS, CPA, AMA, ICMA Linda Rossin
Birds, Mammals, Fine Art Miniatures
Watching the ACC Finals / Miniature (Commission) - Domestic Feline by Linda Rossin
  Watching the ACC Finals / Miniature (Commission) 
Subject: Domestic Feline
Dimensions (inches): 2.5 x 3.5
Medium: Acrylic on Strathmore Illustration Board, 500 Series
Description: This commission came from clients who own quite a collection miniature paintings, mine included. Knowing that I am a cat person they decided that I would be the best candidate to create a commissioned painting of their fire point himalayan, Pumpkin. Most often clients choose the title for their paintings and my clients felt 'Watching the ACC Finals' was purrfect since their photo was taken at the time these finals were on TV. Pumpkin, as always was on his favorite blankie, but there were many obstructions in the photo and it was difficult to see the blanket patterning. They then supplied me with several additional photographs of just the blanket and a few more detailed head shots of Pumpkin for reference.

In this case my clients' photo was exactly what they wanted. I created a computer altered layout, minus the extras of course. Since a size for the painting had not yet been determined, I attached differently sized jpg's with prices for each. These were scaled so when printed they came out in each exact size so that my clients could determine which they preferred. Once a size was selected I commenced with the commission. Progressive photos were sent as the painting developed so that any necessary changes could be attended to before completion. It was decided early on that I was to frame this painting as well.

Most people prefer to work with their own framer, but often in the case for miniatures I personally handle the framing. That's because most framers won't chop to the small sizes minis require, but I have a great source that will cut to the sizes I need. In the case of miniature commissions, I'll select several moldings that I feel complement the painting, work some computer magic and then present the finished painting in these suggested frames in a jpg format. The client makes a selection based on my presentations, the frame is then ordered, and once it comes in I complete the assembly.
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