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Stone Sculpture
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The King of Winter - snowy owl by Ellen Woodbury
  The King of Winter  (2016)
Subject: snowy owl
Dimensions (inches): 23 x 22 x 16
Medium: Sivec Marble, Amarillo Negrais Marble, Belgium Black Marble
Description: The snowy owl is one of the predator kings of the arctic tundra. Few studies have been made of these birds because they live where we can't survive for much of the year, a profound revelation when you think about it. Snowy owls are built for winter with extremely thick insulating feathers; large tufts of feathers surround their beaks and serve to warm the frigid air before they breathe it into their lungs. They have telescopic eyes perfect for long-distance vision and very sensitive to low-light conditions of the polar night.

I designed 'The King of Winter' to invoke a feeling of wind-sculpted snow. There is little anatomy to the forms, which rely on the play of light and shadow to be seen and understood.
Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: No


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