Late glacial (Wurm) cave lions - Painting - Nature Art by Mark Hallett

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Animals of Ice Age Europe (detail) - Late glacial (Wurm) cave lions by Mark Hallett
  Animals of Ice Age Europe (detail)  (2002)
Subject: Late glacial (Wurm) cave lions
Dimensions (inches): 24 x 30
Medium: gouache on coldpress art board
Description: Two male cave lions (Panthera spelaea) are driven away from a cave bear cub (Ursus spelaeus)by its mother in a steppe tundra
meadow along the Rhone River in late Ice Age France.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $8,500.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No
Conservation Committment: 10% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: World Heritage Convention (UNESCO)  


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