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Uta StreliveUta R. Strelive   BA; RBT; ID Dipl; AFC Uta Strelive
Vignettes of Nature
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Uta Strelive

Uta Strelive

For me art is an endless journey of discovery, exploration, experimentation, learning and pure joy. Nature is a prime source of inspiration for fulfilling my passion for art. At the same time I am very concerned with the changes we are seeing in this world and the alarming disappearance of the many animal species.


Latest Artwork
Yellow-rumped warbler - warbler  by Uta Strelive (2) Click to view a larger image. Yellow-rumped warbler  (2017)
12 x 5 x 6 (inches)
Tupelo Wood, painted in oils, walnut base
Sideroad Cafe - songbird by Uta Strelive (2) Click to view a larger image. Sideroad Cafe  (2017)
51 x 6 x 5 (inches)
Tupelo Wood, painted in oils

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Uta Strelive
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Uta Strelive Uta Strelive
Uta Strelive
Uta Strelive
Uta Strelive
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