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Birds and mammals in their natural environmentPat Watson
Pat Watson Pat Watson
Pat Watson

Pat Watson

I love to paint and passionate about the animals I portray. They are the very subjects I depend upon and a wonderful source of inspiration. Unfortunately many are fast disappearing and some very close to extinction, while others must compete for the ever decreasing wild spaces. Everyday more and more of our fragile planet is polluted or destroyed and with it goes another animal or plant species. As a wildlife artist I feel I should do everything I can to raise funds through my art and speak out. Otherwise these unique creatures will only be a memory, or captured on canvas, film and displayed in zoos and aquariums around the world. I paint because I enjoy it and try to portray each species in a realistic way and within a natural setting. Be inspired and at the same time think of the animals.


Latest Artwork
SMALL WILD CATS, The Animal Answer Guide - Book on small wild cats by Pat Watson (2) Click to view a larger image. SMALL WILD CATS, The Animal Answer Guide  (2011)
Book on small wild cats
10 x 7

Original Available
Ltd. Edition Available
Missing link - Clouded leopard portrait by Pat Watson (2) Click to view a larger image. Missing link  (2011)
Clouded leopard portrait
10 x 8
Pat Watson
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