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During the months of September through November 2010, David Gallup will join an award-winning documentary film team as part of their Channel Islands of California high definition documentary film project.
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Art of the Deep
David Gallup David Gallup
David Gallup

David Gallup


Latest Artwork
"Everyday Iridescence" - Pigeon by David Gallup (2) Click to view a larger image. "Everyday Iridescence"  (2010)
8 x 10
Oil on Birch Ply

Original Available 
Pledge Amt: 25%

"Incoming Swell" - U. S. Channel Islands Seascape, Anacapa by David Gallup (2) Click to view a larger image. "Incoming Swell"  (2009)
U. S. Channel Islands Seascape, Anacapa
10 x 10
Oil on Canvas

Original Available 
Pledge Amt: 10%
to Nature Conservancy (International)  

David Gallup
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David Gallup
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Tel: (805) 657-5385
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Email: david@dgallup.com
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David Gallup David Gallup
David Gallup
David Gallup
David Gallup
David Gallup
David Gallup
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