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Dancing Hawk, Justin
Riley, Laurie
Anderson, Walt
Riggs, Pat
Parker, Natalie
Ivester, Taylor
Brooks, Sandy
Ross, Carleen
Barrett Justis, Suzanne
Mgona, George
Bowring, Emma
Mayo, Tony
Roshensky, Nancy
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Dancing Hawk, Justin
Navarro, Chris
Hoselton, Beth
Dumas, Michael
Chunat, Wayne
Riley, Laurie
Anderson, Walt
Rusin, Len
Riggs, Pat
Qureshi, Ahsan
Prescott, David
Parker, Natalie
Lomas, Craig
Ivester, Taylor
Morgan, Jason
Rossin, Linda
Venditti, Jerry
Herzog, Linda
Karstad, Aleta
Scheidt, Bill
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All the Difference
by C. F. Lawrenson 

C. F. LAWRENSON has released his first ever coffee table book, titled, "All the Difference". This beautiful book contains a collection of 56 full color pictures of his paintings with the stories of what inspired each painting and where it came from along with several preliminary sketches and drawings. This is a wonderful collection of artwork to add to any art lover's library.

by Gary Hodges 

Heart and Soul Exhibition Book is published to coincide with Gary's April 2016 major charity exhibition in central London which raised almost $250,000 for elephants and other wildlife. It includes a wonderful Q&A with Born Free's Virginia McKenna interviewing Gary about his life, love of wildlife and his art. The foreword is by Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick. It includes all the art for sale at the show in aid of Born Free Foundation and Environmental Investigation Agency.

What in the World
by Parks Reece 

Artistic Opiner
Appears in Books & Music Winter 2015-16

The latest from Parks Reece.

Famed Livingston artist Parks Reece has a new book out, and you're going to want to pick this one up. What in the World ($15, self-published) puts a new spin on environmental issues, presenting them with a mixture of humor and realism only Reece can muster. The paintings were born out of Reece's 'State of the West' column in Outside Bozeman magazine. Each piece pairs his singular artistic accounts of environmental concerns with pertinent pieces of text and quotes that provide additional context. The collection also includes art relating to Chinese environmental issues, and highlights Reece's insight and artistic ability. Addressing everything from climate change to development, this short read will leave you thinking about your role as a citizen and outdoor enthusiast. Available on amazon.com.

by Gary Hodges 

*A signed limited edition hardback book of 1000 copies. *All 129 published prints illustrated in the portfolio section. *79 unpublished drawings and sketches included. *336 full color and B/W photographs scattered throughout the book, including ones from his childhood and many from his adventures. *His intensely personal autobiography told over 20 chapters... find out what really makes him tick. *Foreword by Virginia McKenna OBE. * Introduction by Rula Lenska. *Includes shipping cost.

Feathers, Form, and Function
by Chris Maynard 

A tabletop book of Maynard's art and information about what feathers are, what they do for birds, and why they have meaning for us. Signed copies available from the website www.feathersformandfunction.com. Mention you were referred by Artists for Conservation.

Wild Women, Painters of the Wilderness
by Linda Sorensen, Kathy Haycock, Joyce Burkholder 

Wild Women-Linda Sorensen, Kathy Haycock, and Joyce Burkholder are three unique painters who share a spirit of adventure and attraction to wild places. Together they trek into the back country of eastern Ontario and Algonquin Park to immers themselves in the landscape and bring back paintings of the wilderness they love.

ABAYOMI, the Brazilian Puma
by Darcy Pattison 

The story of the survival of an orphaned puma cub and his struggle to survive in a fragmented forest world and the scientists who are working to help him be able to return to the wild. Available on Amazon.com

Night in the Boma
by John Seerey-Lester 

by John Seerey-Lester 

A big silverback reaches out of the mist for a backpack

Reading at the Fly
by John Seerey-Lesster 

Theodore Roosevelt reading outside his tent

pages from Mammals of South Asia

Mammals of South Asia:
Edited by A J T Johnsingh and Nima Manjrekar
Copyrights: Universities Press (India) Private Ltd.

pages from Mammals of South Asia

Mammals of South Asia:
Edited by A J T Johnsingh and Nima Manjrekar;
Copyrights: Universities Press (India) Private Ltd.

In Search of the Great Wild Kawkins
by C. Frederick Lawrenson 

Some children have imaginary friends. Blaine, A five-year-old boy, believes in the existence of a very wild and colorful creature. He imagines himself as a great explorer/hunter, who will find this incredible creature in a far away land, capture him and bring him home to the adoration of many people. Our hero discovers that his greatest reward is looking beyond the world as it is, but also learns that some things are better left in the environment they were meant to live in.
Written in rhyme with 22 full color illustrations, this story will stir the faith and imagination in children, while reminding us all of our responsibility in the stewardship of our environment.

WISDOM, the Midway Albatross
by Darcy Pattison 

Become enchanted by the story of WISDOM, a Laysan albatross who has survived natural and man-made disasters for more than 60 years, including the tsunami of March 11, 2011. This is her story of survival and ultimately of hope.

Available as an ebook or paperback from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

Vida Livre - A História do Papagaio-de-Cara-Roxa
by Adélia Woellner 

A 48-page fully illustrated children's book about the endangered Red-tailed parrot of Brazil's southern coast. The book depicts the life of the parrot and the efforts of SPVS to save this species and its habitat.
Text in Portuguese.

Books are available in Brazil at FNAC bookstores or from SPVS.

Death in the Dark
by John Seerey-Lester 

the big cat lies in wait for the hunters to find him. But who finds who first?

Eye of the Hunter
by John Seerey-Lester 

The leopard waits in the grass to hunt. In the eye of the cat is a reflection of an approaching hunter

Headin Home
by John Seerey-Lester 

Tranquil River Bend
by foreword: David Suzuki, afterword: Wade Davis 

old snag leaning over the river's edge

On The Edge
by Artists for Conservation Foundation, Inc. 

Surely, the Polar Bear must be perceived as a primary image of the Canadian Arctic. It is so sad to see this beautiful animal's indigenous space being eroded. What is going to happen to our world if we do nothing to protect and preserve species that are so representative of the life we hold dear? The Polar Bear is on the edge of a future we humans haven't chosen; however, it either will bear the brunt of our indifference or benefit from our concern.

What lies Beneath

This piece was painted for Raincoast Conservation Foundation's "Art for an Oil Free Coast" project

Amazing Animals: The Remarkable Things That Creatures Do
by Margriet Ruurs 

"In AMAZING ANIMALS, author Margriet Ruurs has compiled facts that will satisfy any young reader's curiousity about creatures big and small. As they delve into each astounding fact, readers are encouraged to observe the natural world around them and to share in the author's sense of wonder and respect for it. Margriet Ruurs' bright, brief text coupled with W. Allan Hancock's stunning art makes AMAZING ANIMALS a truly enticing invitation to marvel at the world's wild kingdom." - Tundra Books

The Great Sperm Whale
by Richard Ellis 

A Natural History of the Ocean's Most Magnificent and Mysterious Creature

SMALL WILD CATS, The Animal Answer Guide
by James G. Sanderson and Patrick Watson 

SMALL WILD CATS, The Animal Answer Guide is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and features illustrations and diagrams by AFC artist Pat Watson. Considered to be the first book on the subject and coauthored by Jim Sanderson and Patrick Watson.

a king cobra's summer
by janaki lenin 

a king cobra's summer
by Janaki Lenin 

So Good To See You - ML
by Edited by Michael J. Rosen 

So Good to See You was inspired by two beauties, Lizzie and Tess. Ten-year-old Lizzie and I met young Tess in June 1999, at the Dachshund Club of America National Field Trial. Tess looked up from a tightly curled position, as if to greet a friend. It was magic. For the first time I memorized a pose -- the glorious curve following the left side of her ribcage to her slim waist and hips left an indelible impression on me.
Since 1996, when I was given Lizzie, I wanted to do a head study of her. The curved composition provided the simplicity necessary to showcase her head. In addition, it fulfilled my desire to bring height to a sculpture of a naturally posed dachshund. In Spring 2000, The National Academy showed the oriiginal So Good to See You, SS in its 175th Annual Open Exhibition, in NYC. I am honored. Thank you.

Sunrise Serenade
by Artist For Conservations 

Oil on Canvas

Primerica: A Home For the Brave
by Jane Lyon and Karen Bailey 

New release from Eclipse Press. Primerica: A Home For the Brave written by Jane Lyon and Karen Bailey. Illustrated by Susie Gordon
A true story about a racehorse that gets a second chance. Proceeds from this book go to Old Friends Equine Sanctuary

Nebamuns Tale
by Marjolein Kruijt 

'The fragment on the background is an egyptian mural from Nebamuns tombe, where a wild cat joins a fisherman in hunting. This is one of the oldest images capturing the bond between cats and humans. In this painting I combined a modern cat before its memory of past times. The butterfly resting on its back as a symbol of freedom. On the right side of the mau you see a human figure bringing an ode to nature. You can read this painting as a timeline from left to right, from past to present. Even though cats are now more domesticated, the respect the cat receives of its owner these days is captured in this scene. The human hunter (fragment) shown behind the cat, guarding over him.'

by Marjolein Kruijt 

A demonstration of this painting is included in the book. In several steps you see the process.
Painting is framed ext. size 42x47 cm

Shalock and The Cloud of Bad Dreams
by C. Frederick Lawrenson 

Erin, a four year old girl, loses her after dark safety net when her 12 year old sister moves into a room of her own. In her lonliness, she imagines her room as a haven for nightmares. However, that same imagination comes to the rescue in the form of a stuffed toy lion. Written in rhyme with full color illustrations, this story is based on some events that took place in our daughter's life many years ago.
Paper Back $12.95

Japanese pheasant with her eggs
by Muku Hatoju 

Japanese pheasant with her chicks
by Muku Hatoju 

Japanese pheasant on her eggs
by Muku Hatoju 

On Thin Ice: The Changing World of the Polar Bear
by Richard Ellis 

The polar bear is in deep trouble!

by Chris Navarro 

Book detailing the life and work of artist Chris Navarro. 176 Pages with over 200 photos. Revised 2nd printing Aug 2009.

In Nature with Dag Peterson
by Dag Peterson 

A retrospective book about my work. Release mid Nov -09

Walk the Grasslands with Takuri
by Nandita Hazarika and Nima Manjrekar 

Jointly published by Katha and WWF-India, this book was co authored by Nandita Hazarika and Nima Manjrekar. Picturebook for children aged 8 years and above.

Walk the Grasslands with Takuri
by Nandita Hazarika and Nima Manjrekar 

Toco Toucan
by BIRDER -Birdwatching Magazine in Japan- 

Painting More Animal Friends
by Jeanne Filler Scott 

'Painting More Animal Friends' was the third book I authored and illustrated, published by North Light Books. Step-by-step demos show how to paint a variety of animals, from deer to elephants, tigers to exotic birds, in acrylics. In this book, I show how to paint fur, feathers, elephant skin, ears, eyes, tails, etc. There is also a chapter on painting baby animals.

'A Voyage Round the World in Paintings' The Art of Julie Askew
by Julie Askew 

Over two hunderd sketches and paintings from eight years of travels are compiled into this stunning hardback book, it portrays the diverse landscape, wildlife and culture of our fragile planet. This beautiful book includes artist tips and travel extracts.
SIGNED COPIES available directly from - julieaskew@live.co.uk - $30

Ben, The Famous Gallery Dog of Charleston
by Alice Ann Dobbin 

Getting to Know God, An Artist's Journey
by Alice Ann Dobbin 

Tuna: A Love Story
by Richard Ellis 

The endangered bluefin tuna

'Q' The Canadian Shield Alphabet
by Myrna Guymer 

This painting illustrates the letter 'Q' in the children's book The Canadian Shield Alphabet

"Skipingo Home" the Book/ illustrated by Susie Gordon
by Jane Lyon and Karen Bailey 

This is the true story of the racehorse 'Skipingo' The Thoroughbred who got a second chance. The proceeds from the sale of this book go mainly to the Old Friends Equine Sanctuary in Lexington ,KY. All of the book art and border illustrations were created by Susie Gordon. The book was written by Jane Lyon ans Karen Bailey. Books can be bought at ExclusivelyEquine.com or calling them at 1-800-582-5604

Wolf rider
by Sharon Stewart 

Novel Cover illustration for a publisher
Scholastic Canada

Grazing Pronghorn
by Wes Siegrist 

Traditional miniature rendered in opaque watercolor on rag board and shown with a US penny for scale.

Nono-The Snow Leopard
by Pranav Trivedi 

Children's fiction published by Nature Conservation Foundation. Visit www.conservation.in for more details.

Dinner at the Hard Rock
by Denny Rogers 

A slab of beautiful dendritic soapstone hid a few surprises besides this owl. After making good progress, I ran into an occlusion (impurity), so looking directly at the owl from the left end, the body appears a bit thin. (This would be under the wing shown in this photo) Perhaps 'dinner' will change that over time. It still is unique in many ways. A couple more photos will be up shortly.

Nono, the Snow Leopard
by Pranav Trivedi 

Nighthawks and Swifts over Albany
by McGowan and Corwin 

Coral Reef
by Marie & Roland Smith 

Illustration of a coral reef for the book 'W is for Waves', a Sleeping Bear Press publication.

J is for Jellyfish
by Kim Michelle Toft 

jellyfish are one of the logest lived creatures on the planet and they still dominate many ocean areas. They bob in the ocean in huge numbers and seem to have not a care in the world. This is an illustration from my book A Sea Of Words.

pages from Turtle Story (book)
by Kartik Shanker 

Deception Island and the Antarctic Peninsula- An Artistic Adventure
by Peter Hall 

96 Pages of history, fauna and flora and of course my own adventures on Deception Island. The book features 65 very accurately printed photos as well as 15 paintings of this area. It deals with all the main wildlife and answers questions like, Why is the ice blue? It can be ordered directly from me or from the publisher online. Simply go to www.coachhouseonline.co.uk

Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn
by Richard Ellis 

Destruction of Wildlife for Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Pat and Rosemarie Keough 

ANTARCTICA is a most unusual, handcrafted artists book "bound" to endure for centuries. Collectors include Royalty, private individuals, and art museums, as well as university, natural history, and polar libraries from five continents. Twenty-one prestigious awards for excellence include World's Best Photography Book, Nature Photographers for the Year, Outstanding Book of the Year, Best Bookarts Craftsmanship, Benjamin Franklin Award etc. Experts from British Antarctic Survey, the Scott Polar Research Institute and The Explorers Club have stated that the Keoughs' tome features the most evocative, eclectic, and artistic portfolio of Antarctic photographs ever published.

336 pages, including 330 full-color photographs and 15 duotones Limited edition, 950 books plus 50 proofs (no other editions or versions of this book)
Book: 17.25" x 13.5" x 2.5" (44.5 cm. x 34 cm x 6.5 cm)
Presentation Box: 18.25" x 15" x 3.75" (46 cm x 38 cm x 9 cm)
Image size: 13.75" x 9.5" (35 cm x 24 cm)
Weight: Book and Box = 27.6 lbs (12.5 kg)

i. The ANTARCTICA combines the most modern printing technology with a revival of centuries-old hand binding tradition.

ii. The first art book in the world to use breakthrough 10-micron stochastic screening technology, rendering a three-fold higher resolution and far greater colour range than high-quality lithography typically used for fine art books. Plus 30% more ink.

iii. The text section is printed on genuine felt-finished, 90lb cover stock paper. The portfolio section is printed on enamel-coated 100 lb. cover stock.

iv. The hand-crafted, embossed covers are clad with the highest quality morocco. This fine goat leather was sourced in East India and dressed in Scotland by Hewit & Sons which has the "Appointment of Her Majesty the Queen."

v. ANTARCTICA combines the European Classic style of full-leather, hand binding and the hollow-back, split board ledger construction techniques, a combination previously thought incompatible. The result is an elegant, durable binding.

vi. Hand-sewn pages, with 288 stitches of archival Irish linen thread woven about four linen tapes stretched on an antique sewing frame

vii. Leather covers were ornamented with hand tooling and designs manually stamped, using hand engraved and polished brass dies.

viii. Accompanying presentation box is covered with Dutch linen on the exterior and flocked velvet within. Blind-embossed leather insets on the front and spine bear the title information.

ix. Nine pages of text providing vivid first-person descriptions of the experience of living in Antarctica and all that is required for survival in a sub-zero clime, also insights into the art of photography in such an extreme environment. Woven into the text are many important facts about the geography, climatology, history of previous explorations, animal behavior, and details of snow and ice.

x. Reference Map identifying all sites of the photographs. Each photograph has accurate notation of Geographic Place Names for all photographs from various locations in Antarctica.

xi: further details at t: http://www.keough-art.com

Walk the Rainforest with Niwupah (children's book)
by Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar 

Walk the Rainforest with Niwupah (book)
by Aparajita Datta and Nima Manjrekar 

On Top of the World
by Anna-Louise Pickering 

The book 'On Top of the World' tells the story of Pollyanna's travels in the High Arctic to Study polar bears and other endangered species.
'Pollyanna is a gifted painter who has transported me on an unforgettable journey ........ and congratulations to Anna-Louise who has written such a beautiful book' Brigitte Bardot (June 2001)
Cover Painting : SOLD

Call of the Wild: The Art of Parks Reece
by Tim Cahill, Scott McMillion, Greg Keeler, Myers Reece & Parks Reece 

First published collection of parks Reece's artwork with 114 color plates. Essays by Tim Cahill, Scott McMillion, Myers Reece and sonnets by Greg Keeler.

Barn Owl at home
by Dag Peterson 

Illustration from the book 'Birds of prey and Owls in the Nordic countries'. In swedish, norwegian and finnish language

Wild About You - Lucky Chance (Front Cover)
by Lyn Ellison 

A true story about a wallaroo called Lucky. As a joey she was rescued by Lyn Ellison and raised in her home. With Lucky as part of the household which included 3 dogs and a cat, the story that unfolds is both humorous and touching. The reader is given an insight into the behavior of a wild wallaroo, and how natural instincts are applied to a captive environment. The author follows her development over 12 months, including 36 colour illustrations, to her final release back into the wild. The text is aimed at a general readership and is also suitable for children to read from the age of 10 and upwards.
Part One - The Wild Story - Lucky's life in the wild before rescue.
Part Two - The Foster Story - 12 months spent in the care of the author
Part Three - Return To The Wild - Lucky's successful release
Hard Cover 23cm x 19cm 80 pages 36 colour illustrations
38 black and white illustrations

Wild About You - Lucky Chance (Back cover)
by Lyn Ellison 

Wild About You - Lucky Chance (Page 6)
by Lyn Ellison 

Wild About You - Lucky Chance (page 33)
by Lyn Ellison 

Wild About You - Friends With Feathers
by Peta Boyce and Lyn Ellison 

A collection of short stories and paintings about the rescue and release of Australian native birds. These true stories are sometimes humorous and sometimes poignant. They are written and illustrated by wildlife artists Peta Boyce and Lyn Ellison who tell their stories in an amusing and heartfelt way. From the diminutive Styles, to the bold and brash drongo and the comical magpie , these are truely wonderful individuals. The reader will learn some surprising things about Australian birds while being totally entertained by the stories and paintings. The text is aimed at a general readership and is suitable for children to read from 12 onwards.
Styles - A Silvereye With Attitude
Living With Fairies - Raising Red-backed Wrens
Lyn's Magpie - Maggie the Mischief Maker
UFO - A Woodswallow and a Red Teddy
Tawny Tales- Birds Who go Bump in the Night
The Drongo - A Bird Who Liked People
Hard Cover 23cm x 19cm 80 pages 27 colour illustrations 29 black and white illustrations

Wild About You - Friends With Feathers (Back cover)
by Peta Boyce and Lyn Ellison 

Owls of North America
by Jeffrey Whiting 

Jeffrey Whiting's Owls of North America is an atlas-size book in full colour, and is of coffee-table book quality. In addition to descriptive material on each of the species there are full-colour, highly detailed paintings of each. Top and bottom profiles with wings extended, and profiles for both perched and flying birds, provide a total of 38 patterns for the carver. Several additional pen and ink sketches of each species (which also serve as patterns for carvers) are provided. The reader will be inspired by the beautiful owl paintings and carvings from 40 of the world's leading wildlife artists. Many of these artists are now members of the Worldwide Nature Artists Group. The book sets a new standard as a reference for carvers as well as for the 'birding' community.

Midnight Mouser
by Denny Rogers 

1997 entry in Birds in Art. It is in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's permanent collection

Warblers, 2
by James Coe 

by Jeffrey Whiting 

My first entry in Birds in Art - 1989. Capture is carved from rare dendritic soapstone found in Montana. It weighs approximately 20 pounds and is about 9 x 9 x 9 inches. Large pieces of this stone are difficult to find.

Here on Earth-An Animal Alphabet
by Marcia Perry 

The alliterative text is fun to read—nearly every word on
each page starts with the same letter.
Marcia Perry's vibrant, engaging paintings portray a host
of Earth's amazing animals. For each letter of the alphabet, Perry provides a picture profiling a collection of creatures whose names begin with that letter, accompanied by
dreamy, rolling text starting with the same letter. Here on Earth—besides offering a visual feast and a valuable tool
for expanding a child's vocabulary—poignantly expresses
that Earth is home to all sorts of wild and wonderful beings, all distinctly extraordinary, and all in need of our respect
and protection.

Windows on Nature: The Great Habitat Dioramas of the American Museum of Natural History
by Stephen Christopher Quinn 

Since its founding in 1869, New York City's American Museum of Natural History has become one of the world's preeminent scientific and cultural institutions, attracting four million visitors annually.

In Windows on Nature, the first and difinitive book on the museum's world-renowned habitat dioramas, author Stephen Christopher Quinn guides readers through the museum for a dazzling look at nature, science, and art that is sure to inspire readers young and old alike.

This richly illustrated volume features vibrantly detailed full-color photographs of more than forty dioramas, rare and never-before-seen historical images from the museum's archives, and informative, entertaining descriptions of each diorama and its creation. Quinn's behind-the-scenes tour of these three-dimensional marvels introduces us to an extraordinary group of explorers, naturalists, painters, sculptors, taxidermists, and conservationists whose brilliance, passion, and eccentricities illuminate their creations. This unique showcase offers an exclusive look at the fascinating and sometimes mind-boggling techniques of diorama making, the development of dioramas as an art form and as a tool for wildlife conservation, and the museum's preeminent role in the history of art in the service of science.

Visit Amazon.com to purchase 'Windows on Nature'.

New Book available Wild in Europe
by Renso Tamse 

Dutch artist Renso Tamse is a young master of realistic style of watercolor. This book is a collection of paintings and sketches of wildlife encountered during his travels in Europe. Showing an impressive ammount of 70 paintings and 90 drawings and studies. He tells about used materials, his inspiration and his adventures. Species covered include birds and mammals, from mute swan to brown bear and from birds of pray to ermines, all within their secretive haunts.

Language: English
Forword: Alan Lee
Hardcover: 156 pages
Dimensions: 28x31,5 cm /12.1 x 10.7 x 0.9 inches with paper jacket
ISBN: 987-1-904078-36-4
Publisher: Langfordpress (UK)

Price: $60 / €45 / £38.00 excl. shipping
Shippingcosts: NL 7 euro, Europe 13 euro, outside Europe 18 euro
Order your copy in the 'SHOP' at www.rensotamse.com or at www.artprintsonline.nl

maggie and milly and molly and may
by E.E. Cummings 

poem by ee cummings illustrated in full color

Journey of the Great Bear through California's Golden Past
by Patti Jacquemain 

Journey of the Great Bear is a fascinating tale of a Grizzly Bear who has traveled to California to learn of his distant cousins who had previously lived there. Immediately upon arrival, he meets Great Horned Owl, who is very wise and knowledgeable. Owl agrees to relate the poignant story about the fate of grizzlies who had lived on the land now called California since the Ice Age. This delightful book is a lyrical combination of Jacquemain's written word and the beauty of her woodblock prints.

Harpy Eagle - Talons
by Ron Toft 

Birds of Sage and Scree
by Bert Raynes 

Through Endangered Eyes - a poetic journey into the wild
by Rachel Allen Dillon 

21 paintings of endangered species in acrylic dots. Some of the original artwork from the book is still available.

Children Without Crayons
by Sue Gombus 

I am pleased to announce the release of a new book that resulted from a visit to a children's center in Kenya. The book includes a forward by the author and the wildlife artwork of 12 young Kenyan artists. All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to the Mutinda Wildlife Educational Center in Kangundo, Kenya. Shipping and handling charges in addition to $14.95 selling price

Moon In Bear's Eyes
by Stephen Swinburne 

Ready and Waiting
by E. Ashley Rooney 

Horses tied at the corral rail waiting patiently for their rider/cowboy to return. One visitor to my booth recently said this piece made her think of old John Wayne western movies. I'll take that as a compliment.

Moon In Bear's Eyes - Interior image
by Stephen Swinburne 

Artwork for a children's book illustrated by Crista forest.

pages from Turtle Story (book)
by Kartik Shanker 



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Original Painting

"Water Acrobat"
By Patricia Mansell
24 x 30
Acrylic on Canvas
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wildlife art paintings
Nature Art | Wildlife Art
Original Sculpture

"Two Headed Bird"
By Tony Mayo
14 x 7 x 3.5 (inches)
Deer Antler, Soapstone and Garnet
$1300wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings   wildlife art paintings
wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings wildlife art paintings
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