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Karen FischbeinKaren Fischbein   BA, BS, MS, AFC, PCAA Karen Fischbein
Underwater Photography

In Memory -- Richard Sloan 1935 - 2007
On March 22, 2007 a great artist, Richard Sloan, passed away in his Palm City, Florida home. Not only was he one of the most respected wildlife painters of our time but also I am proud to say, he was my good friend.

Like most of the people with whom I have become friends, Richard was a diver. We met while a friend of his was being certified at a dive shop in Stuart and for the past ten years we enjoyed diving, dining and the movies. If it weren't for Richard, I may have never gotten the nerve to start submitting my photography for print.

Richard inspired people to go for more. He was never content with the status quo. His talent on canvas carried through to his life and although illness prevented him from doing the physical things he loved during this past year, his attitude was not that of a quitter, but an optimist. At dinner a few nights before he died he was still planning his next dive trip and his next painting.

People come and go in our lives. Many leave no impression, some a little and if you're lucky, a few inspire. Richard's friendship did just that; He encouraged me to work harder, persevere and believe in myself.

Many will miss my friend, Richard Sloan. I will miss our times together and especially, his artistic advice. However, as many great men do, he has left our world a legacy of beauty for all to embrace. Good-bye Richard, you will never be forgotten.

"Karen, Your work is just stunning. As a diver and UW videographer I known how difficult and challenging it is to get that perfect shot. You make it look easy. Great Work!!"
Richard Sloan -- 11/12/2003


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