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Wildlife Paintings
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About the Painting

“Blue-winged teals often let you get near enough to appreciate their beauty and elegance. I chose to paint a small group, browsing the water for tasty tidbits, around a red pine branch overhanging the pond. It is also an important element of the painting's composition."

Patricia Pepin lives in Bromont, Quebec, with her husband Pierre and her dog.

At age 9 she started painting lessons. Like most young girls she loved horses and that’s what she painted most of the time. Later she sketched them live in the stables where she boarded horses. After a few years of working as a race horse groom she quit and then worked in a headstone shop.

She had been painting more or less seriously through the years, doing live portraits, still life, plein air and animals. In 1997 she saw the ‘Birds in Art’ exhibition of the Leigh Yawkee Woodson Art Museum, WI. She was struck by the quality and diversification that was possible within the animal art genre.

One year later one of her paintings was part of the same exhibition, and her career as a wildlife artist has been going forward ever since.

Except for the lessons taken as a child, Patricia is mostly self-taught. She learned by looking at other painters' works, absorbing information here and there. Some of her favourite artists are Whilelm Kuhnert and Richard Schmidt, to name a few.

Oil on canvas is her favourite medium, but she occasionally uses acrylics.

Light is very important to her and her subjects are almost always shown bathed in sunshine. She tries to capture a fleeting moment in nature, when the light is just right; the fugitive expression in the eyes of a coyote, the flash of orange of a goldfish, or the graceful curve in a bird’s neck.

Patricia works from photographs she takes near and far. Her travels have taken her to Kenya, to Florida’s J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge and Venice Rookery among others, and to the Grand Canyon and other National Parks of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, and lately in California. In July 2007 she was part of a two week expedition along Lake Superior’s Black Bay Peninsula with other artists and professional canoeists to paint and photograph the region for an upcoming exhibition.

Patricia has earned the recognition of her peers, including winning 3 awards of excellence from the Society of Animal Artists of which she's a member since 2000 . Her plan is to keep producing good paintings to try to remain in the heart of the Wildlife Art Movement.

-Patricia Pepin


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Patricia Pepin
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