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Wendy PalmerWendy Palmer   AFC, IGOR Wendy Palmer
Nature Artist - Wildlife, Landscape and Floral

Mount Royal University Centennial Mural Mosaic
"1988 Calgary Winter Olympics"
Orignal Acrylic on Hardboard - ORIGINAL UNAVAILABLE
Original Dimensions: 12 inch x 12 inch
This painting was designed for the Mount Royal University Centennial Mural Mosaic

The 1988 XV Winter Olympics hosted by the Calgary community and it’s surrounding areas produced a phenomenal event. I was personally involved in the 1988 Winter Olympics, as I worked for OCO’88 in the Engineering Department, and what an exciting career opportunity this was. The City of Calgary incorporated over 8000 volunteers and 300 OCO’88 staff members who were involved in staging the Winter Games. Calgary welcomed over 2600 athletes from over 40 countries from around the world. Approximately 5000 members of the media who attended the Games broadcasted their stories to more than 1.5 billion viewers. Mount Royal University was involved with the Winter Olympics by housing a portion of the media in their facilities and provided recreation and food services to the majority of the media members. The people made the games come together, and every member of the community did their part, big or small, to help contribute to a very successful Winter Olympics to come together in Calgary.

The original Olympic Games were developed in Ancient Greece. A sacred truce was announced for a period before and after the Games to assure safe travel for athletes and spectators and to stop warfare in the areas surrounding Olympia. The Olympic Games exemplified the Greek search for excellence, love of competition and belief in the development of physical health and skill. Revival of the Olympic values of harmonizing physical, mental and spiritual development was initiated by a French aristocrat and the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.

So how do you represent this monumental event in one picture. Well, I decided to paint the XV Olympic Medal, as this precious piece of metal made from either Gold, Silver or Bronze is really what all the athletes train for years to try their best to compete for this symbol of excellence. Countries support and train their athletes to be world competitors in the largest games competition, so that they compete united as a nation against other nations to attain these symbols of excellence. The Olympics has brought people and countries together for hundreds of years and is the most popular sports event throughout the world, all competing for one thing, the symbol of excellence, the Olympic Medal.


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