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banding/research expedition
It has become quite apparent to Nigel that any decisions made on the future of a vunerable ecosystem has to have solid reliable facts to back up any changes. This is accomplished by ground level research. Bird banding is a tool many researchers worldwide use to gather solid and pertinant facts and data. Nigel has had a banding permit in Canada for nearly 30 years and has participated in many surveys and projects thar effect the decisions made on important areas.
Nigel has always tried to pass on these facts and findings with his art.
Along with AFC artist, David Kitler, Nigel will be participating in a bird banding/research expedition to the rainforests of south-western Peru. Isolated for 9 days in one of Peru's major wildlife reserves, Nigel will be assisting a team of banders teaching students the banding skills needed to start or participate in important research on their own.
Nigel , having extensive knowledge on raptor banding, will also be passing on raptor monitoring skills, that will be used on further work done on little known South American raptors.
upon his return to Canada, Nigel will be conducting talks and shows to pass along the findings and work being done in this isolated corner of the world.
The shows will consist of his paintings and sketches, and also photos and the data he has collected. This approach is where Nigel's work is heading.
This expedition was made possible by Dr.John Randle. Without his sponsorship this expedition would not be taking place.
Nigel's art has always stemed from his passion and knowledge of the bird world. His art and his bird research direction has led him to expeditions, like the one above, to bring the attention to the dedicated researchers throughout the world. Showcasing there work in a form that is both informative and visually stimulating.
Other expeditions are planned for the next few years. One focusing on the phenominal raptor population that occures every winter in the Limpopo area of South Africa, and the next to explore and document the bird life if our Canadian Arctic.
The intention is to also raise funding for these projects through a percentage the sale of the art and prints, produced,going to the research teams and organizations, so the work can continue and gain concrete facts and figures that will lead to the right educated decisions made by governments and environment groups to further protect these species and the areas they occur in.


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