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Rhino Charge 2010
Rhino Charge 2010
Lake Magadi, Kenya

Once again we are so very proud to announce our participation with the annual charity event, Rhino Charge.

As in previous years, we assisted with a control in this fantastic off road, bush experience that helps see to the continued future of natural habitats and wildlife populations in the Aberdare National Park, Kenya, whilst also helping the local communities to co-exist with the pressures of natural habitats and tourism versus population encroachment and sustainable income projects.

The Rhino Charge, started in 1989, is a cross country, bush event that sees roughly sixty teams in 4x4 vehicles traveling through an area of over 100 square kilometers. To complete the task, they must check into all thirteen check-points or controls and have only ten hours to accomplish this. Roads are there in some cases, but more often than not, they don't help and will not see teams making good time and achieving competitive final results off road driving skills are a must.

Up and down steep inclines, maneuvering through thorns of every size and description, traversing dry and wet riverbeds and navigating the shortest routes possible, all add to the appeal and challenge of the day.

Our job in assisting with one of the check points is to help ensure vehicles arrive to us with working, fixed gps's, all team members are uninjured and healthy, and then to offer some sustenance with food, water, rehydrants and of all things, in the middle of hot the African bush ice cream! A real treat, and what our particular check-point is famous for.

This year's event raised a staggering Kenya Shilling 72,540,232.00 or approximately US$906,753.00. Funds raised are put to good use with the completion of the fence line surrounding the Aberdare National Park and then toward the maintenance of this fence, which runs approximately a staggering 400 kms; believed to be the world's longest wildlife conservation fence.

We happily offer our time for this event, and donate limited edition prints for fund raising as we feel it is a worthwhile cause with funding being properly utilized and dispersed.

For more information on the recent Rhino Charge, the Charge's history and further information on the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, please visit the following websites:


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