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Australian and International Wildlife and Nature paintings
Following are a list of links to relevant and interesting Web sites. If you would like to exchange links, please send an email to info@michellecaitens.com along with your Web site name, address (URL) and a descriptive sentence.
  • Art House Reproductions
    Australia’s largest collection of Giclee Art Reproductions
  • Arts Alliance of Pine Rivers
    The Arts Alliance of Pine Rivers (AAPR) operates as a non-profit organisation, with the purpose of supporting the interests of members by promoting arts and culture within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area, Queensland, Australia. It is a diverse organisation, with a broad and inclusive definition to allow a rich mixture of expertise and interests. Members range from part-time hobbyists to internationally-recognised artists, and include Painters, Actors, Musicians, Sculptors, Writers and Photographers. The AAPR has been very active in the community, and over the last few years has provided three major arts festivals for members and the community, plus a number of arts workshops and promotions.
  • Australian Orangutan Project
    The AOP is a non-partisan organization that supports all orangutan conservation organizations to ensure the survival of both Sumatran and Bornean orangutan species in their natural habitat and promote the welfare of all orangutans.
  • Genesis Oil Paints
    Heat-set fast drying oil paints that will not dry until you are ready - Non-Toxic, Odour Free and Allergy Free
  • Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc (QWASI)
    QWASI was established in 1983, in Brisbane Australia, by artists interested in fostering the study and appreciation of wildlife art specifically relating to Australia’s unique flora and fauna. Since then membership has steadily grown to include artists from around Queensland and interstate.
  • Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland
    Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland is a community environmental organisation with a wonderfully diverse and dedicated team of members, volunteers, supporters and staff united by a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. We have a proud history in standing up for what we believe in and campaigning for the survival of species and ecosystems.
  • Wildscape Magazine
    Wildscape Magazine, produced in the UK, will provide inspiration, as well as answers to some of the many problems faced by wildlife artists, whilst providing guidance and information to make your art more enjoyable. Wildscape is now the only magazine available worldwide that is dedicated to the subject of wildlife art.
  • Wombat Protection Society of Australia
    The Wombat Protection Society of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable organisation whose mission is the protection and conservation of wombats in Australia and their habitat. The society was formed to raise money to fund projects that provide wombats with immediate protection from harm, enhance the quality of life of individuals or groups of wombats and to fund projects which develop or maintain suitable habitat and/or sanctuaries for wombats. One aim of the society is to develop an interactive web site which will bring together people involved in wombat conservation and protection, maintain a data base of up to date research and information about wombats, and serve as a conduit for further research.


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