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Wildlife and Wilderness Art
Following are a list of links to relevant and interesting Web sites. If you would like to exchange links, please send an email to therlynx@gmail.com along with your Web site name, address (URL) and a descriptive sentence.
  • Africa Dreams Safaris
    The safari company that hosted the Tanzania safari with the Lion Lady, Sharon Lyon in May of 2006. The guides for this safari were second to none, ensuring numerous wildlife sightings, providing safety and companionship for the entire experience. The hospitality of the African people is warm and sincere and the resorts offer comfort, beauty and excellent food. People who have shared this experience will know that no other vacation can compete with the quality and excitement of a safari in Africa.
  • African Wildlife Foundation
    Working on wildlife conservation for 45 years; a good place to learn about African wild areas and wildlife and get involved.
  • Black Bear Conservation Coalition
    Mission Statement: To restore the Louisiana black bear to its historic range through education, research and management of habitat and populations. The Coalition is using wildife art to raise funds at its 20th anniversary event.
  • Deviant Art
    A friend told me about this web page, which is like the young person's way to network with artists of all kinds and sell prints or other art-related merchandise for very reasonable prices, all managed by the parent website. This is the link to my Deviant Art page. I am putting field sketches there that I've done over the years and they're getting good reviews. I'd love to do more, but I usually only have time on vacations, & have devoted many of these to workshops and safaris lately! I will build it bit by bit. Check it out and the parent deviantart.com It's fun!
  • Emma Wood- Wildlife Artist
    Emma has great versatility with her art and a thorough knowledge of African wildlife. - affordable original oils, watercolours and drawings of predominantly African wildlife. Also sells greetings cards and prints.
  • Fine Art America
    I'm building a collection of paintings for affordable prints on this site. I also started blogging there.
  • Heather Carr - Art Gallery
    Heather has been my artist friend who I met at a workshop with John Banovich in 2002 and travelled with in Kenya during Simon Combes Artists' Safari in 2004. Heather is a dedicated fan of Simon's, has genuine passion for the natural world and is a delightful person. She has contributed to and organized work for causes including the Rhino Rescue Trust in Kenya and the Cheetah Conservation Fund.
  • John Banovich - Fine Art
    You must visit John's website. He is one of the most successful and one of the younger wildlife artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. Who else can say that? Also, I mention him frequently as he has been not only more of a mentor to me than any other artist, but also a great friend.
  • Lewa Nature Conservancy
    A great website about Lewa in Kenya and all the important conservation and wildlife work they are doing.
  • Oil Spoil Cleanup and Recovery Resource
    A young lady named Mary asked if I would include this link on my webpage. I'm more than happy to. My love of wildlife may have started in Africa when I was 2, but awareness of conservation and concern for this world was thanks to school, when I was horrified at learning what was happening to the natural world I will always love. Thank goodness there are still young people who care. There may be still hope for the future.
  • On Safari Kenya
    This is the safari company owned and managed by Anthony Cheffings of Nairobi. Anthony was a child when he first knew Simon Combes as a friend. His crew took first class care of us while on safari with Simon.
  • Pleasurable Kingdom:Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good
    This website tells you about a book by Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, who is an animal behavior Research Scientist for the Washington, DC-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Balcombe describes, based on extensive research, how animals display and possess the same capactiy for emotion and fear as do humans. Thus, they should be treated with empathy and respect as our equals. I always felt this way, but let him tell you the scientific proof.
  • Rhino Rescue Trust
    Centred out of Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, the Rhino Rescue Trust carries out numerous works to benefit all endangered wildlife and is connected to works in other parks.
  • Swift Fox Studio - Nature Art by Ramona Swift
    Another Okanagan Valley artist & good friend. Ramona cares deeply about nature and art.
  • The Cheetah Conservation Fund
    This fund has centres in Canada, the UK and the States. Work is happening to unite the needs of communities with the needs of cheetahs. You can adopt a wild cheetah.
  • The Lion Lady - Photographs of African Wildlife
    Beautiful photographs of African Wildlife and unrivalled enthusiasm for Africa and its magical wildlife treasures. Sharon Lyon was a gracious and entertaining host for our safari in May of 2006 in Tanzania. It was an unparallelled experience and the memories of the marvellous wildlife and beautiful African landscape will serve as artistic inspiration for many years to come.
  • The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia
    Mission Statement:
    "To support sustainable real estate and land use practices for the benefit of British Columbians."

    Contributes about $3 million a year to grants around the Province. Administers the Communities in Transitions Program to help small communities in BC deal with the pressures of resort development & other challenges in a sustainable way. A partnership with Van City Credit Union supports the Green Building Fund, to encourage environmentally friendly buildings. Also supports universities and colleges in BC with endowment funds and scholarships for programs connected to land use and real estate education.

  • The Wildlife Art and Adventures of Simon Combes
    I shall always mourn his passing. Simon's books were what led me to know that I must not miss the opportunity to go on an artists' safari in Kenya under his tutelage in 2004; along with the urges of my good friend Heather Carr. Simon can tell stories like no other and all of them are true, with some embellishment and lots of humour. Also his art is second to none. His book "An African Adventure" is the only book that I've read repeatedly & savoured every word each time..., not to mention the pictures of his paintings... oops! I did.
  • Western Art Collector
    This is one of the premium art magazines where you will find out about wildlife and western artists.
  • Wildlife Artists NetLink
    a web directory of wildlife artists' webpages
  • Wildlife Conservation.org
    A great organization that also had a great magazine that I used to subscribe to, but seems to have died, along with the Wildlife Art Magazine. The two were linked I believe & I lost in my subscriptions to both. Wildlife conservation however, is the cause we all believe in.
  • Wildlife Dimensions - Wildlife Art by Kim Diment
    My room-mate from the Simon Combes Artists' Safari in 2004 is a very accomplished wildlife artist and a great person to have as a friend. Kim also supports conservation and has been working in partnership with the Lewa Nature Conservancy in Kenya, using her art to support their work.
  • World Wildlife Fund
    The World Wildlife Fund has headquarters all over the world. In Canada, the WWF was established in 1967, and has been doing valuable work ever since.
  • Yessy web site
    You can also see my work at this website. The images show up larger and clearer there. You can also purchase from there.


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