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Susie GordonSusie Gordon   AFC, OPA, SAA associate Susie Gordon
Tigers, Birds, Big cats, Wolves, Horses, Bears,

Riverwalk- two wolves
I use Sepia watercolor over my pencil drawing on Claybord, then airbrush the base colors in. After that I use Gouache for the detail and Ox Gall to blend it together.

bears and squares
Starting again with a drawing on Claybord, then adding Sepia Watercolor. The background was then airbrushed and wiped off with a soft tissue. It was lots of fun to create this imaginary background that compliments the bears' shapes.

Pencil and watercolor
This is my favorite technique. After the drawing is completed fully in pencil, I spray the arches paper with fixative, let it dry , then added watercolor very carefully. After I aply the strokes I dab it off with a paper towel and keep repeating the step until the tone and value is the way I want it. I add more bold colors to the face and eyes to draw attention there.

bears and squares
This is a detail of the bear holding a stick. The finished picture is on my artworks page.

Completed Painting- Riverwalk- two wolves
here is the completed painting- also available

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