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SHADOWS - transparent watercolour
The first and earliest step is planning the composition and subject placement. Sometimes this involves small "gesture" drawings on a separate sketch pad.

Once this has been developed, work begins on drawing in major shapes and figures that contribute to the most obvious flow of the composition.

As this stage continues further, more drawing is done to fill in the small areas and some light colour is added to the setting. The main subject is beginning to take shape as it starts to show a clear light direction.

The sense of light direction is important now because all the drawing and "thinking" is done and the real work of painting begins.

All the reference material becomes increasingly important now as the details are added one leaf, one stone, one stick at a time.

After 4 1/2 months of steady work, the rewards of patience are realized. I find working from the actual objects and natural lighting is the key to the overall success and believability of my finished work.

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