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Jeffrey WhitingJeffrey G. Whiting   BSc, SAA, AFC Jeffrey Whiting
Nature sculptures, paintings and pencil drawings
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Sculpting a Common Loon in Wood - A Sample Project
The following series of steps outline the creative process involved in sculpting a miniature Common Loon in wood.

The first step is the planning stage. Each work involves thorough research of the subject matter. This may entail pencil sketches, painting/color studies and, very often, a clay mock-up or "study" to refine shape, movement, composition and proportions.

Once a concept is developed, work begins in earnest on the final material (in this case, a piece of Tupelo Gum - wood from a species of tree that grows in swamps in the southern United States). This first photo illustrates the roughing-out of the subject using a band saw.

After the band saw, we turn to handtools like the chisel to remove more of the unwanted wood. The work starts to take on the overall form of the finished piece.

With the basic shaping complete, every single feather is carefully drawn on the carving.

Now comes the very precise work of burning in the fine detail of each feather using a special hot knife.

The lifelike eyes—specially made of glass—are carefully inserted, and eyelids formed with special epoxy putty. The carving is now ready for the final steps in priming and painting.

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