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Fiber Art
For 2D felted Paintings:

The sketch
Each project starts by looking for source images and sketching. Sketching happens directly on the fabric with a light colored sharpie.

Placing loose fiber
After the image is sketched out, I begin by placing loose fiber for background colors. I like to secure the wool with a single barbed needle. This makes this part of the process the most tedious. It's normally a lot of darker blocked color with little variation. The single spiral needle creates a smooth finish and good base. It's easier to add details on a flat sturdy surface. The fabric is less likely to warp later on.

Adding Detail
My favorite part of the process is adding the details. Just like a painting, you start with the middle shades and go back and add highlights and lowlights at the end. This specific example will probably take me several months to finish. It will be 3ft. x 3ft when it's finished.
3D Sculptures :

Research and Engineering
Each 3d sculpture has a planning phase. It involved research to find out the exact dimensions of what I'm trying to make. I start with a wire frame. I also make any accent bits like toenails or beaks. I use a white core wool to wrap the wire. It's is washed, but otherwise unprocessed from a local farm. It's not unusual to find bits of hay mixed in with the fiber.

Body Shaping
The next part is making sure the body shape is what I want it to be and to make sure the position is correct. Things are still a bit floppy/loose at this point, but it will be the hardness of a tennis ball when it's completed.

Color Shading and Details
The last step is covering the wire and white wool with colored wool. For this part, I normally use merino roving for the majority of the design and color work. I do use shetland, bamboo, silk or other fibers depending on the finished piece.

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