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Rob ButlerRob Butler   PhD, FRCGS, AFC Rob Butler
Watercolour paintings of birds and expedition landscapes
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Field sketching
Capturing the moment is done in the field using a watercolour pad or sketch book. I quickly outline the view and lay in watercolour washes that I try to complete in under 15 minutes. Here I am sketching in the Muskwa-Kechika region of northeastern British Columbia.

Working out the design
In the studio (or the living room), I begin to imagine the animal and the idea I want to convey using a sketch book. I am less interested in technical accuracy than with the design and concept. In this sketch, I wanted to emphasize the long neck and bill pointing in the opposite direction that it was moving and I wanted it to look as light footed on its toes, as if it was dancing.
Painting the final piece
The final step is to draw the sketch on to a large piece of watercolour paper. I use cold press paper, stretched and taped to a board so I can turn it. I free draw the sketch on the paper and use liquid frisquet to mask areas. The washes are a lot of fun and applied very quickly with a variety of brushes, sponges, and sometimes directly fro the tubes of paint. The bird is painted using fine tipped W & N brushes.

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