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Wildlife Bronze Sculpture/Jewelry
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Patience and humor
Beginning a new piece is seldom a deliberate and planned to the letter process. I only go forward with the intention of a feeling to express, then see what happens. For me, creating is about cultivating patience, appreciating the journey, and maintaining a sense of humor, not so much about getting to the end.

Armature Design
For the main skeletons of my work I find that copper sheeting and wire connected with silver solder work best. The armature linkage Gary Persello and I thought up allows the work to be repositioned to work on and develop composition.(patent pending, "ARMATROLE` 2000!")

Sculpting with
This is an early clay of "Conflicting Interests" utilizing some rough versions of the "ARMATROLE` 2000!" I have found these linkages invaluable since I like to allow a pieces composition to change as I work on it.

Beyond Sculpting
This photo shows the molds being made for the "Flight of the Ribbontail." The original clay sculpt is strategically cut up and molds are engineered from the pieces to produce wax patterns for the casting process. Since I produce the piece throughout the process it is important for me that this step be very well planned and executed. When done well, proper molds make every step thereafter simpler and more efficient.

Wax Patterns
Miscellaneous wax patterns waiting to be touched up before casting.
Spruing and the creation of ceramic shell/investment molds.
While working at different foundries I was involved with the spruing/gating process as well as the formation of ceramic shell and investment molds. This part of the process, as well as the actual pouring of bronze, I am, as of yet, not equipped to perform. I do rely on skilled foundry men to complete these steps.

For a more complete explanation of the whole lost wax process see wikipedia : lost wax casting.

Pouring Bronze
This is me checking the temperature just before pouring.

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