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Watercolour Wildlife & Seascapes
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Please contact the artist if interested in a commission via email. There are a couple of very important points for you to consider.

1. Please do remember I am not a realist, it is the emotion and essence of the subject/s that I capture, that exquisite point of focus, then abstracted. Often a client has an image in their head that does not meet the image in mine. It is important to understand that I interpret what I see and feel, guided by the expressed feelings and photographs clients provide, but I paint the piece in my style only, and do not copy or attempt to reproduce existing works, all my clients deserve an original piece of fine art.

2. I ask a minimum 3 month lead time for commissions (from the point of booking), this allows me to plan other commissions already on the books, and not be rushed, to ensure that I am totally happy with the piece as a fine representation of my work, as well as meeting my clientís brief. Once we have agree on the basics (size, subject, colour preference), I ask a 50% non-refundable deposit before commencing work, however, once the deposit is received you are booked and my work begins on our agreed timeline, the balance due on its completion, plus whatever freight charges are necessary. Deposits are by direct debit, I invoice via email and follow up with receipts.

There is a lot more work in a commission: * Once agreed on the subject and resource photographs, I also ask for 5 words to described the animal and/or person, the five most important words. I am happy to receive a dissertation afterwards of course, but the 5 words helps the commissioner to focus on what it is about the subject that is most cherished. I hope that makes sense; * Then value sketches to establish lights and darks, and composition are done, often very time consuming as I prepare the composition to itís most pleasing form; * After this comes the colour test piece to ensure harmony of tone and hue; * Then I redraw the final piece onto the finest French Arches 100% cotton pH balanced, acid free archival paper; I never trace, every piece is redrawn * Once happy with the loose outline, I turn on the music and begin to paint * Rarely, though sometimes I will do 2 or 3 paintings until I am happy with the quality and life of the piece

Prices for commissions are based on size, please see attached chart below.

Usually the work, once dry, is then carefully wrapped in pH balanced acid-free archival tissue, rolled and inserted into a cardboard tube. The work can be stored there indefinitely but the longer it is rolled, the more time needed to allow it to relax prior to framing. The Client may then deliver the work at their leisure to their chosen framer, as appropriate.

I am experimenting with varnishing my work mounting the paper on canvas, board, or aluminium composite, so it can be framed without glass, however, this does affect the glorious transparency of a watercolour a little, and is very labour intensive, so a varnished piece would require a separate quote.

You may be aware of this, however, as a standard introduction, do consider the following:

* Size of piece suitable to itís significance, some things canít be crammed into small works, others are statement pieces * Suitable hanging space * Portrait or landscape * I dont do colour matching, (i.e. to match furniture or decor so much - this is fine art) however, subdued or bright, general preferences, eg. Autumn tones, etc * Cost of framing - frames donít have to cost a lot, but good glass does and makes such a difference, so consider the 99% uv (not museum that is exorbitant, but the glass under that, or you will get glare) * Always hang your work irrespective of medium, out of direct sunlight. Watercolours are as durable as oils and acrylics so no problems there.

All work comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Prices are quoted based on the size of the original piece and are for watercolour on paper packaged and insured freight within Australia in a tube. All other presentations, or international freight would require an additional quote.

Thank you so much for your interest.

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