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Patsy LindamoodPatsy Lindamood   AFC, SOAA, PSA, IAPS M/C, IGOR Patsy Lindamood
Wildlife Paintings in Pastel, Colored Pencil
Commission Process & Pricing

My preferred process for executing commissions is to meet and photograph the subject(s) personally, with ample time to gain a sense of the "self" of the subject(s). My best art derives from personal experience.

However, I will accept commissions in situations where the subject(s) are deceased, and thus not available for a photo session – if the prospective client can provide me with reference material that I feel is sufficient to enable me to create a truly artistic and faithful portrayal of the subject(s).

I also have accepted commissions where the portrait itself is intended to be a surprise gift. Circumstances do not permit me to meet the subject(s) personally without spoiling the intended "surprise." Again, if acceptable reference material can be provided, I will accept those types of commissions. Most frequently this situation has arisen with commissions for children’s portraits, where relatives have managed to capture the child in an engaging moment that clearly says "this is who and what I am." Even in those situations, the best portraits come from situations where I, too, have some acquaintance with the subject, so that I am able to read far more into the photograph than if merely given a snapshot someone took of an individual I’ve never personally seen.

In my preferred process, I arrange a mutually convenient time for a photo shoot with the subject(s). The place is a matter of selecting a location that has meaning for either the client and/or the subject(s) and will provide a comfortable setting in which the subject(s) is most likely to be at ease and show some personality. That personality is ultimately what I want to portray in my painting, rather than a mere physical representation that could as easily be accomplished with a professional photograph.

I generally take several hundred photographs in a pursuit of maybe two or three potentially acceptable portrait "poses." I will recommend to the client which "pose" I most prefer to paint, and I will explain my reasoning. In addition to capturing personality, the painting should have strong artistic quality as well. I look for interesting lighting and values in the photo that can be translated into a dramatic representation of the subject personality. Together, the client and I will decide which photo I will work from. When the commission has been completed, I give all the photos taken to the client on a CD. I retain copyright to those photos, but the client is permitted to reproduce, enjoy, and gift basic reproductions of the photos to others as they wish.

My pricing is based first on the agreed upon size for the portrait, and then adjusted according to the number of subjects, the view of subject (including hands and/or feet adds considerable detail to a human portrait, as does inclusion of a full body in an animal portrait), and whether any particularly detailed props or environment are included in the piece. Please refer to my current "Basic Commission Pricing" list for a guide to the anticipated cost.

I will establish a price certain with the client prior to any work on the piece itself, which would be after review and acceptance of the photo(s) upon which the work will be based. A timeline for completing the piece will be established at that time as well. I will rarely guarantee a date certain for delivery, because I can never know for sure how long a given piece will take to complete to my artistic satisfaction, as well as the expectations of the client. I will, however, make every effort to finalize the piece on or before the agreed-upon target completion date. Setting that date will always be a factor of prior commitments accepted and my current planned exhibition schedule.

Finished commissions are delivered on archival panels (generally Ampersand Pastelbord), unframed, but sealed for protection until the client can have the work framed.


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