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Debbie HughbanksDebbie Hughbanks   AFC Signature, WAOW Signature Emeritus, AWA Associate with Distinction, NPS Signature, ISSA Active Debbie Hughbanks
Wildlife, Western, Figurative, Domestic Animals, Pet Portraits
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Debbie Hughbanks is a professional artist specializing in wildlife, equine & domestic animal paintings, as well as figurative and western themed pieces. Painting most often in pastel or acrylic she still finds time to explore other avenues including scratchboard and mixed media work. Debbie is an artist that is passionate about the creation of art and finds her inspiration all around her studio located in northeastern Washington State. Fascinated by animals, nature and interesting people she meets along the way there is never a shortage of subject matter to spark her creative flame. The connection she feels for the subjects she paints, as well as the passion and joy she experiences in the actual creation of the work, is evident in each unique completed piece of art.
Debbie regularly participates in national and international juried shows garnering numerous awards along the way for both her pastel and acrylic work. She has also been featured in several art publications, including “Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow” and “The Contemporary Art of Nature MAMMALS.” Debbie is a Signature and Emeritus Member of WAOW, a Signature Member of both AFC and NPS, as well as an active associate member of ISSA and AWA.
Debbie maintains a website featuring her art at http://www.hughbanksart.com , a blog where she discusses the creation and business of art (through her website) and a page for Hughbanks Art on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DebbieHughbanksArt . She can be contacted at debbie@hughbanksart.com .

Artist Statement
I paint because I must paint. The creation of art is a passion, a need and a desire that I feel I must meet on some level every day whether it is simply planning the composition of the next work in my mind or placing the finishing touches on the pastel or painting I have had in progress for days. My inspirations come from the animals, people and surroundings that I love . . . for I find I am passionate about these things, as well, and want to be able to share them with others through my work. My hope is that the joy I feel in the creation of each piece will come through to those who view my art and that something in a particular painting will speak to each viewer on a very personal level. Who could ask for more as an artist?

Support for Conservation:
In 2002 and early 2003 I was honored to be able to create two paintings for the Wolf Education and Research Center in Lewiston/Winchester, Idaho. The two originals were donated to WERC to use for fundraising and to help in increasing awareness of wolves and the Sawtooth Pack, in particular.

The first, an acrylic painting of three members of the Sawtooth Pack ("Three Brothers"), was used to create limited edition giclee prints (limited to 100 prints) and those prints are currently being sold on the WERC website with all proceeds going to this fine organization.

The second painting will be used as WERC sees fit at a future date.

I am very proud of my involvement with this organization dedicated to learning more about this majestic creature. I am pleased that my work can help raise awareness and the much needed funds required to facilitate the study of wolves and their lives and contributions to the world we share with them and other wild creatures.

2015 UPDATE: I am sorry to say all members of the Sawtooth Pack are gone now. It was my pleasure and honor to know these wolves during their lives and to help in any small way that I could.

Special Achievements:
  • 2016 - Painting to Benefit Courage Kenny
    "Yuletide Companions" (pastel painting) selected for Courage Kenny Card Holiday Collection-MN. Proceeds from the sale of these cards support rehabilitation, independent living and recreational services for people with disabilities.

  • 2016 - 1st Place at Avenue West
    "Frisbee Retriever" (acrylic) received 1st Place Award Painting at the Avenue West Gallery Juried Exhibition – Spokane, WA
  • 2016 - Honorable Mention at NPS Online Show
    "American Goldfinch" (pastel) received Honorable Mention - Northwest Pastel Society Small Works Online Show
  • 2016 - Barbara McDermott Memorial Award at Wildlife in Art Show
    "Seldom Spotted" (acrylic) received the Barbara McDermott Memorial Award at Wildlife in Art Show -Foothills Fine Art Gallery-La Mesa, CA

  • 2016 - Artist for Conservation International Exhibit of Nature in Art
    "Prickly Perch" (acrylic) selected for inclusion in Artist for Conservation International Exhibit of Nature in Art
  • 2015 - Third Place Award–Rawhide & Spurs Juried Competition
    "Ready & Waiting" (pastel) received the Third Place Award at the Rawhide & Spurs National Juried Competition-Mountain Trails Fine Art-Santa Fe, NM
  • 2015 - Juror's Award at NPS 29th International Exhibition
    "Sleeping on the Job" (pastel) received the Juror’s Award at the Northwest Pastel Society 29th International Exhibition – Tacoma, WA
  • 2015 - 1st Place at WAOW 45th National Exhibition
    "Sleeping on the Job" (pastel) received the 1st Place Award at the Women Artists of the West 45th National Exhibition-Tucson Desert Art Museum-Tucson, AZ
  • 2013 - Honorable Mention at WAOW National Show
    Pastel painting received an Honorable Mention at Women Artists of the West "WAOWing the Centennial State" National Juried Show in Estes Park, CO
  • 2011 - Meeker Classic International Art Competition Winner
    "Taking Control" (acrylic) selected as poster art for next year's event.
  • 2011 - JAVMA Award at International Exhibition on Animals in Art
    "The Shepherd of Brie," (pastel) received the JAVMA Award at this international show and then appeared as cover art on the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association because of that selection.
  • 2010 - Art Show at the Dog Show
    Second Place in Pastels
  • 2009 - Meeker Classic International Art Competition Winner
    "Ready to Work" (acrylic) selected as poster art for next year's event.
  • 2006 - 2007 Wyoming Conservation Stamp Competition Winner
    "Blue Promenade" (acrylic), was an Award of Merit winner in the 2007 Wyoming Conservation Stamp Competition. This year's subject was the blue grouse.
  • 2006 - One of Winners in Native Art Of Horse Painting National Competition
    I was honored to be selected as one of the 20 Winners in the Native Art Of Horse Painting National Competition - part of The Trail of Painted Ponies in January 2006. My pony, "Kindred Spirits," won the Contemporary Culture Award at the awards ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona, in May, 2006, after nationwide voting was completed. Quite an honor!
  • 2006 - Design Selected for Ronald McDonald House Charities for 2nd Year
    For the second year in a row Ronald McDonald House Charities has selected one of my designs for inclusion in their community public art project/auction. I am honored that my design for a life-size carousel pony was one selected from the many submitted to be included in this organization's program and auction to help raise money for this very worthy cause.
  • 2005 - 2 Designs for Ronald McDonald House Charities
    Two of my designs were selected for inclusion in the Ronald McDonald House Charities "Bear Necessities" program during the summer of 2005. These life size fiberglass bears were then auctioned off to raise money for this worthy organization and I was honored to have participated in this wonderful program and to have had two designs selected from the many submitted to the jury committee.
  • 2004 - 2005 Wyoming Conservation Stamp Competition
    "Ever Alert" (acrylic painting of Burrowing Owls), was selected as one of the TOP 40 in this highly contested international competition.
  • 2003 - Poster Award Winner - Ellensburg National Western Art Show and Auction
    "Young'Uns",my acrylic painting depicting a young farm boy and calf, was selected as the Kittitas County Fair Poster award winner at the National Western Art Show and Auction.
  • 2002 - President's Award - Dog in Art Show
    My pastel painting, titled "St. Fergus and Friends?", won the President's award at the 2002 Dog in Art Show (a national show) held in Spokane, Washington. The painting is of our English Setter (a bird dog by instinct and nature) surrounded by a bevy of chicks, ducklings and geese.
  • 2002 - Selected Art for the Wolf Education and Research Center
    I was thrilled to have one of my paintings, "Three Brothers" made into a limited edition Giclee print as a fund-raiser for this worthy organization. A second work was also donated to this organization for them to use at a future date to further their study of wolves. This was an exciting honor for me.
  • Strokes of Genius 2: The Best of Drawing Light and Shadow (2009)
    contribution artists - "Elegance in Grey," a pastel painting I did of a beautiful Norwegian Fjord stallion was selected for inclusion in this publication.
    Published by: North Light
  • Best of American Pastel Volume II (2009)
    contributing artist - Several pastel paintings of mine were selected for inclusion in this book.
  • North Light Magazine - January issue (2006)
     - Member of the Issue - featured two pastel and one acrylic paintings of mine, as well as "how to" tips and suggestions from me regarding those particular pieces.
  • Equine Vision Magazine Horses In Art (2005)
     - My acrylic painting, "Horse Heaven Meadow," was featured, along with a brief article about my work and philosophy of the importance of animals in our world and in my art, in the Spring 2005 issue of this magazine.
  • Wildlife Art Magazine (2004)
    My painting, "Horse Heaven Meadow," was featured in the Sept./Oct. 2004 issue under the "What's New Originals" column. - 
  • Western Horseman Magazine (2004)
     - Two paintings ("The Good Life" and "Table Scraps") were featured along with a nice article in the 'Gallery' section of the November issue of the magazine.
  • Wildlife Art (2003)
     - My original pastel painting, titled "St. Fergus and Friends?" appeared in the "What's New - Originals" feature of the magazine.
  • InformArt Magazine (2003)
     - Two of my acrylic paintings, "Leather and Lace" and "Winter Wolves", were featured in the "Through InformArt's Looking Glass" feature of the magazine.
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