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Original Wildlife Paintings - North American and East Africa Wildlife
Some people look at my colorful paintings of animals and landscapes and think "Wow, what bright colors! I had been pushing the color a bit to make a statement, but have recently been leaning more toward showing more light and shadow, rather than focus on color.

My Bachelors Degree in Art from the University of New Hampshire gives me the background in fine art, with its focus on the figure, still life, and art history. However, my passion is animals, either as a portrait or in a natural habitat, and I envision them in glorious color long before I pick up a paintbrush to create my vision.

My goal is to show the beauty of nature to:
*allow people to connect to wildlife
*help save the habitat so the species will be there for future generations
*create fine art, with nature as the subject, using fine art principles
*portray the essence of the animal, rather than every detail
*use light, shadow, and color to provide emotional content to help the viewer connect in a new way

My primary medium is oils, but I also do watercolor and colored pencil, using whatever medium best expresses my inner vision. I started as a child doing horses, then expanded to all wildlife and their habitats. As an artist, I continue to study and evolve, taking workshops with master artists whenever possible, spending time outdoors, and continuing to develop my own style.

My husband and I travel every year to American national parks and East African national parks for first hand observation of wildlife and habitat, and to take my own photo references. Wild creatures don't hold still long enough to paint on location, so I take lots of photos, make field notes and sketches, then return to my studio, where I work out a composition, values, and colors to portray the essence and emotion of my most recent wildlife encounters.

One of my favorite paintings so far is the oil painting of an elegant giraffe in a light-filled background, on my custom made canvas 5 ft. tall by 15 in. wide, which has won multiple awards in local shows. Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, so gentle and tolerant of people when in a non-wild setting.

My artwork is in private collections in the US, Europe, and the Cayman Islands, with people who also enjoy the western landscape and wildlife.

After spending several years in Bozeman, Montana, near the Yellowstone landscapes, thermal features, and wildlife, I have now relocated to Central Florida. I will focus more on birds and Florida wildlife, as well as polo ponies and riders from the local Polo club. So many new and exciting things to do!

Support for Conservation:
I send a percentage of every wolf painting to 'Defenders of Wildlife' because of their focus on preserving our top predator in appropriate habitat. A percentage also goes to other organizations for other wildlife paintings based on their involvement with the animal in my painting.

  • Wildlife Portraits 2014 Calendar (2014)
    Foxtrot - Red Fox painting is one of the monthly pieces - 
    Author: COMDA Advertising Connections
  • Wildlife Portraits 2013 Calendar (2013)
    'Summer Bison' is the painting for August 2013 - 
    Author: COMDA Advertising Connections
  • 2007 Families First Calendar (2007)
     - My giraffe wood cutout, painted to look as real as if he were lowering his head to look into your window, was selected as one of the people's choice entries for 2007.
    Author: Families First of Portsmouth NH
  • 2005 Families First Calendar (2005)
    One of my paintings was selected for May 2005. - Families First is an organization helping needy families in southern New Hampshire, USA. Each year they have an art competition, from which they select 13 paintings for the 12 months and the cover.
    Author: Families First of Portsmouth, NH
  • 2006 Families First Calendar (2005)
    The painting 'White Tiger, Blue Eye' was one of 3 people's choice selections for the 2006 calendar. - 
    Author: Families First of Portsmouth, NH
Organization Membership:
  • 2014 - Visual Arts Association
    The overarching art club in The Villages in Central Florida, it has several affiliate art groups, each with their own focus.


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