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Born in Triest in 1939, Sergio Budicin studied with the master Walter Falzari, heir of the great tradition which had combined Venetian art with Austrian and German art during the nineteen and twenteen centuries.
After his apprenticeship, which concentrated on the human figure and portraits, he has turned his attention, for some time now, to illustrating animal and nature books.
In this recent period he learn to observe and accurately reproduce the animals in their natural habitat.

In 1970 Sergio was been invited to the USA by the painter Lajos Marcos which allowed him to improve his technical skills.
The observation of nature and animals in their habitat, the travels to many places in Europe and Africa, and the study of the eighteen century painters like Wilhelm Kuhnert, Richard Friese, Karl Rungius, all added to his store of knowledge. He also become adept at painting with great precision and a wide range of light effects. After the first personal exhibition in Triest in 1975 he received excellent exposure and acclaim in a number of galleries and institutions in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA.
In 1992 The Tiershutz Akademie of Monaco presented him with the "Goldene elephanten", an award for his contribution to the promotion of environmental awarness and our knowledge of animals.
His works are placed in private and public collections of several countries in the world and reproduced in limited editions of ceramic plates.

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