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Birds of Prey, Songbirds, Marine Life
Brent's love of nature is the inspiration in all of his artwork. Brent strives for anatomical accuracy and detail with each sculpture undertaken. It is important to him that each work conveys a story or engages the viewer by eliciting memories of their own in the subjects depicted.

He has been influenced by the Art Noveau/Art Deco period of design and often those elements appear in is own designs.

He believes that a sculpture has been successful when the viewer is compelled to touch or move the piece around for a different angle of apprecation. As the bronze medium is so heavy, he is always trying to find ways to give his pieces movement, speed, or a lightness through the use of empty space.

Brent worked as the Director of Exhibitions for the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria B.C. Canada for 33 years and is now a museum consultant and bronze artist.

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