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Marine wildlife, Wildlife, airbrush acrylic.nature. Symbolic
My art career began in 1972. Airbrush acrylic is my main method and medium of choice. I also enjoy drawing with pastels ancolored pencils, making found object mobiles and sculpting with porcelain. Nature, spiritual symbolism, imagination and color provide me with inspiration. My art has been published nationally and internationally in licensed products, books and magazines and has exhibited in California, Colorado, Washington, Hawaii, and Florida. In 1990 AGMuller in Switzerland published eighty of my images as "The Tarot of Love" which sold for twenty years in four languages. I authored and illustrated "Here on Earth, an Animal Alphabet", published as a book, puzzle and wall decor in 2012 by Pomegranate. In 2015 Pomegranate published the E.E. Cummings poem "maggie and milly and molly and may" in a children's book with my illustrations.

I create my art to promote a kinder, more colorful world that embraces the spirit of wildness. My intention is to illuminate the beautiful truths. I hope my art encourages peace, compassion and our connection to nature and to our humanity.

Art can inform us, inspire us, wake us, encourage and enlighten us. The present time and culture are tainted with war and violence. As an antidote, our world needs artists more than ever. To create something beautiful and truthful out of nothing proves that human beings can indeed make our world a more inspiring, livable and loving place.

My art is my prayer and my love made visible.

In the beginning of 2000, my partner, artist Meg Biddle, and I opened Youth Arts Collective, a nonprofit lively after school art studio for 14-22 year old aspiring visual artists. YAC is a creative sanctuary in downtown Monterey,
with professionally equipped studios and consistent, compassionate mentoring. We are open 4 hours per day 6 days per week, year round.

More than 700 kids have benefited from Youth Arts Collective. YAC has done over 150 shows and multiple annual community partnership projects. Thanks to the support of our wonderful community, YAC is a creative experiment that has proven to be a very effective and successful after school art program. Our motto is “Do art. Be kind”

YAC has surpassed our dreams. While these young artists develop their artistic talents and skills, their social and emotional wellbeing is nurtured in a noncompetitive, compassionate environment of peers. YAC gives them a real chance towards a positive future to be their best selves. Everyday these young artists are making our world a kinder and a more creative and colorful place. I am grateful to have co-created this miracle with Meg and our generous community. To learn more go to www.yacstudios.org.

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