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Owl Sculptures
Clarence P. Cameron is a Wisconsin native and longtime resident of Madison. He attended the University of Wisconsin before eventually obtaining a degree in mortuary science at the Wisconsin Institute of Mortuary Science in Milwaukee. In 1965, he decided to go into business for himself and he opened the Double C Ceramic Shop, a wholesale-retail hobby ceramic business. His real love, however, was hand-building in clay, after first experiencing it in mortuary science school and, in 1974, he sold the business to pursue that full-time. Over the years, he gained a noteworthy reputation for his unique stoneware and porcelain owls.

After working as a sculptor in clay for twenty-four years, Clarence turned his attention full-time to soapstone, pewter, bronze, and copper. Although he creates only owls, he strives to capture the spirit of the owl, sometimes in realistic, sometimes in abstract representations. Clarence has exhibited his work at art fairs around the country and has won many awards. By invitation, he has also exhibited at the Florida Wildlife Expo and the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

In 1989, his soapstone sculpture, "Capture," was one of 114 artworks selected from over 850 national and international entries for the prestigious "Birds in Art" exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. That sculpture, along with 59 other artworks, was then selected for the yearlong Birds in Art touring exhibition. Another sculpture, "Fight or Flight," was chosen in 1993, and "Impression on a Winter’s Eve" was selected in 1995. Both were also included in the touring exhibitions. In 1997, "Midnight Mouser" was in both the exhibition and the touring exhibition. This piece was acquired by the Woodson Art Museum for its permanent collection. "Prairie Home Companions," an East Indian soapstone sculpture of two burrowing owls, was selected for the 25th Anniversary exhibition in the year 2000. In 2003, his sculpture, "Tundra Talons," was in the exhibition and, in 2005, "Full Moon Tonight," was selected. For 2007, Clarence’s dendritic soapstone sculpture, "Dinner at the Hard Rock," was selected for the exhibition and the yearlong tour. His translucent Chinese soapstone piece, "My Pink Hibou" (Owl, in French) was included in Birds in Art in 2011, while the 2012 exhibition includes "In the Moment," a Saw Whet Owl in Montana dendritic soapstone.

Clarence’s work is also in the permanent collection of the Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum and Art Gallery at Penn State University, and in numerous corporate and private collections around the world. Over the years, he has received a great deal of publicity including a July, 1995 article featuring his soapstone owls in Lapidary Journal and inclusion in a special sculpture edition of the July/August, 2002 "Wildlife Art" magazine. His work has also been featured in "OWLS" magazine, and in 1997, photographs of two of his sculptures were included in the book, "Owls of North America," by Jeffrey Whiting. In 2006, a feature article about Clarence titled, “Man of the Owl,” appeared in Madison’s Sunday Wisconsin State Journal. In 2008, seven images of Clarence’s soapstone owls were included in the book, "Illustrated Owls: Barn, Barred & Great Horned" by Denny Rogers (Fox Chapel Publishing).

He is a member of Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC), formerly the Worldwide Nature Artists Group (WNAG). This is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. The Foundation represents the world's leading collective of nature artists and an unparalleled pool of artistic talent focused on nature. The organization's mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage. His dendritic soapstone sculpture, "Night Patrol," was included in the annual, juried art exhibit, The Art of Conservation at Grouse Mountain Resort, Vancouver, B.C. in November, 2011. That exhibition traveled to the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona for a two-month venue in early 2012.

In 2008, Clarence became a Professional Member of Wisconsin Visual Artists, formerly Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors. This is a statewide, nonprofit organization of visual artists and friends united to advance opportunities and services for artists and the general public, and is committed to the importance and value of art and its creation in our society.

In 2012, he was honored to be invited to join the Society of Animal Artists as a Signature Member. The Society of Animal Artists is an association of animal and wildlife painters and sculptors. Founded in 1960, the Society is devoted to promoting excellence in the portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet, and to the education of the public through its informative art seminars, lectures, and teaching demonstrations. Some of the finest animal artists from around the world are represented in the Society's membership. Over the past 40 years, the work created by these artists has established new standards of artistic excellence and respect, helping animal and wildlife art to achieve a place of honor in the field of fine art.

Clarence is also founder and a lifetime member of the Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc. (WAAC), a non-profit, tax-exempt organization of 350 professional artists and craftspeople from throughout the state of Wisconsin. WAAC works to develop exhibition opportunities for its members, to encourage and promote young artists and craftspeople, and to help resolve problems peculiar to artists and craftspeople. It sponsors the Art Fair Off the Square’s "Winter Art Festival" and the summer "Art Fair Off the Square," which was established in 1979 with Clarence as a co-founder.

Artist Statement: Prolific—or just obsessed? That I have created owls in various media for over forty years is almost unbelievable, even for me. However, there are few creatures, other than we humans, who can be represented in so many different ways and still be identified. I have always strived to capture the essence of owls but I feel that it was only with my discovery of soapstone that I found myself. I have often heard or read of sculptors saying, “The stone will tell you what is inside.” The fact that I have found so many owls should be expected. For all these years, I have exhibited my work at art fairs to have direct interaction with my customers. Many have become good friends, and I, continually, look forward to seeing them. Now, having aged a bit, I am only exhibiting at our two art fairs in Madison, and for everyone else in the world, I am using cyberspace and my Website.

Support for Conservation:
Special Achievements:
  • 2001 - Commemorative Artist for Wisconsin Public Television
    In May of 2001, Clarence was honored to be the Commemorative Artist for WHA-TV's Art and Antique Auction, an annual fund-raiser for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) station serving central Wisconsin’s 300,000 viewers. For the auction he produced a special limited edition of 21 owls in bronze.
  • 1997 - Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
    Midnight Mouser was one of 92 pieces selected from over 1,000 international entries for the 1997 Birds in Art exhibition. It was also included with 59 other artworks for the year-long touring exhibition which went to the Lakeview Museum of Arts and Sciences, Peoria, Illinois; the Michelson Museum of Art, Marshall, Texas; and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, New York.

    The sculpture is hand-carved, Montana dendritic soapstone. It is approximately 14 inches high and is mounted on a slate and dark-stained cherry base.
  • 1987 - Retirement Research Foundation
    Acquisition of both porcelain and bronze owls in addition to owls presented to their National Media Awards recipients.
  • Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum and Art Gallery
    Clarence has a number of soapstone sculptures in the museum's collection.
  • Illustrated Owls: Barn, Barred & Great Horned (2008)
    More about Illustrated Owls: Barn, Barred & Great Horned
    Seven photo images of Clarence's owls were included in this highly-illustrated book. - The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Artists, and Woodcarvers
    Author: Denny Rogers
    Published by: Fox Chapel Publishing
  • Wildlife Art - "Avian Artists, Virtuosos of Light" (2002)
    More about Wildlife Art - "Avian Artists, Virtuosos of Light"
    Clarence and his owls were included in this article about how artists see light and shadow. - 
    Author: Heather Lampe
    Published by: Wildlife Art, Pothole Publications, Inc.
  • The Joining Tree (2002)
    More about The Joining Tree
     - Who cares about the rain forest? One boy does, and he works to save it with magic.

    After a disastrous attempt to scare the Outsiders from the rain forest, the animals seek help from Yoiweta, an old medicine man or Shaman. Approaching manhood, Yoiweta's grandson, Abado, and the animals are sent on a journey to a secret mountain. Guided by a magic emerald and helped by the animals, Abado hopes to find the Wise One, an omnipotent being who grants a unique power to all new Shamans. Abado may ask for any power but only wants a way to save the rain forest.

    The Joining Tree combines action, danger, romance, and supernatural powers with compassion for the native people and animals of the rain forest. Although written for the young adult, the story would appeal to younger, sophisticated readers and adults, too.

    Author: Clarence P. Cameron
    Published by: AuthorHouse
  • Owls of North America (1997)
    Two photographs of Clarence's owl sculptures were included in the book - 
    Author: Jeffrey Whiting
    Published by: Heliconia
  • Lapidary Journal (1995)
     - An article featured Clarence's soapstone owls
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