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Wildlife (birds,fish, big cats, N. American) in Photo Deta
Born and raised in Nebraska, Cindy Gage now lives in Colorado where she is represented by galleries throughout the state. Cindy began drawing and painting as a small child, and throughout her childhood, art occupied much of her time. She always felt a strong affinity for wildlife and the outdoors, a love that she imparts in her watercolor and gouache paintings.In her realistic art; she strives to bring an enjoyment and understanding of her subjects to those who don't have the opportunity to see them in person. A self-taught artist, she uses intense colors and intimate detail to bring her images to life, whether a big cougar reclining on a fallen log or a brook trout in the crystalline shallows of a western stream.

As an artist she is always striving for perfection and a better understanding of the wildlife that she captures in her paintings.

b. 1958

Resides: Longmont, Colorado, U.S.A.

Education: Tech College

Major Fields of Study: Dental Assisting / Fine Arts

Commissions: Accepted

Support for Conservation:

  • Class Art
    - Corporate Collection;
  • M. Brown
    - private collection

  • M.Roberts
    - private collection
  • Various 
    Sporting Classics / Artist; Wildlife Art / Artist  - 
Organization Membership:
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