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Birds and Mammals (Eastern Canada)
Geographically, William Berge (Bill) lives in North-western Quebec, high up on the Canadian Shield, about a day's drive from James Bay. Bill often enjoys visual contact with a great variety of Canadian wildlife.

Bill was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1943 and grew up in Richvale, at that time, approximately 20 miles north of Toronto. In this semi-rural area grew his fondness for animals and birds. From his youth this love was channeled into drawings and painting of wildlife. Bill would often visit Riverdale Zoo in Toronto, spending entire days observing and sketching. Bill's drawings and paintings were greatly influenced by the works of Fenwick Lansdowne as they would appear in the Star Weekly. At age 12 he took a correspondence course in taxidermy and through this medium he learned much about anatomy and sculpting. At this time Bill became good friends with Thoreau MacDonald (son of J.E.H. MacDonald), who lived at that time in Thornhill. Thoreau MacDonald, himself a wildlife artist, was a great source of encouragement to Bill Thoreau would look at his work and give suggestions, always encouraging, pointing out where improvements could be made. Thoreau introduced Bill to the works of Bruno Liljefors and through many years greatly encouraged and coached Bill in his progess.

Bill has lived in North Western Quebec since 1961. He loves the rugged northern landscape but, especially the abundance of wildlife. He sees grouse and rabbits, fox and beaver, even moose occasionally walking through his own 4-acre backyard.

Bill spends a lot of time in the woods where he finds inspiration for his works. He especially likes to paint a personal sighting of wildlife ... striving to capture a moment in the lives of his subjects. His close attention to environmental detail, bark, moss, water, snow patterns, etc. are essential elements in his paintings. He feels that the setting is every bit as important as the subject. Bill's love for the "IMPRESSIONISTS" is very evident in the style of painting he has developed through the years.

He has had ten solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Canada and the United States. For the past three years, Bill has placed in the top 200 artists in the "ARTS FOR THE PARKS" contest. (Top 100 in 1996) This year he rated among the top 200 artists in "The Artist's Magazine" contest.

P.S.: Bill has always been fascinated by the symmetry and rugged beauty of moose antlers. And for the past few years, he has done some interesting, and highly sought after work, painting wildlife on these antlers. Larger antlers usually end up as wolf, lynx, of moose paintings, whereas smaller ones becomes settings for rabbit, grouse or wookcock, etc. He paints on both antlers has found (sheds) or on antlers provided by his clients.

b. 1943

Resides: Malartic, Quebec, Canada

Artistic Specialization: Birds and Mammals (Eastern Canada)

Commissions: Accepted

Support for Conservation:

Organization Membership:
  • Ducks Unlimited

  • National Taxidermy Association



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