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David Bruce JohnsonDavid Bruce Johnson   BSc RMC David Bruce Johnson
Sculpture in Wood and Stone
In December 1987, David completed his first carving - a miniature Canada Goose - as a Christmas present for his youngest daughter, Terri. Since then, he has developed his skills by producing many pieces ranging from miniature and life-size realistic to stylized sculptures.

Throughout the past decade, David has proven himself to be a very versatile artist. Rather than specialize, he has given free rein to his artistic expression and has produced sculptures of many different wildfowl, animals, caricatures, and human figures.

In 1991, David entered his first carving competition - the Ward Foundation World Wildfowl Carving Championships - and won the Decorative Lifesize World Championship as a Novice.

Since that auspicious beginning, David has been a consistent ribbon winner including Intermediate-level World Championship in 1993 and the Open-level World Championship in 1996. David has had equal success at the Canadian Wildlife Carving Competition held at Midland Ontario in September each year. This year, David won the Best-in-Show award with his still-life of a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. His success results from a natural drawing ability, a keen and enduring interest in nature, and an affinity for working with wood.

The sample of carvings shown on this page represent a good cross-section of David's work. All elements of the carvings are made from different varieties of wood (basswood, tupelo gum, butternut and cherry). Some wire and brass is used for the support structures where strength is essential. The realistic sculptures are painted with acrylics and oils."

Support for Conservation:
Special Achievements:
  • 2011 - Made of Wood Show
    Peoples Choice Award
    Stylized representation of three herons or egrets.
  • 1997 - Best-in-Show Canadian Wildlife Carving Competition
    Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Maple Leaf
  • 1996 - Best-in-Show (Open) Ward World Wildfowl Carving Competition
    Realistic Miniature Snowy Owl
  • 1993 - Best-in-Division (Intermediate) Ward World Wildfowl Carving Competition
    A carving of a "Goldfinch on a Dandelion" captured the judges' hearts.
  • 1991 - Best-in-Division (Novice) Ward World Wildfowl Carving Competition
    Realistic Life-size Green Wing Teal Hen


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