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Allen WeidhaasAllen F Weidhaas   !954- 2020 Allen Weidhaas
Wildlife and sporting sculpture
Allen Weidhaas was born and raised in Massachusetts. By the age of 16 he had developed a strong interest in art. In 1974 he graduated from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida majoring in graphic design and illustration. For several years he worked in the advertising industry. Allen is self-taught in sculpture.

For over 20 years, he worked primarily in wood so he could control the extreme detail for which he became known. In addition to wood, he worked in bronze, stone, and fired clay. In 1997, Allen returned to working in lost wax cast bronze sculpture in limited editions. He continues to do one-of-a-kind woodcarvings, but there is a new emphasis on the bronze sculpture. Most of his bronzes are cast in Montana, where he also maintains a part-time studio.

He has won numerous prestigious awards over the years for both his woodcarvings and bronze sculpture. Allen has been called upon as a judge in the miniature decorative wildfowl woodcarving category. He has taught woodcarving and sculpture in clay. In addition to working with galleries and agents he attends several national wildlife shows each year.

His sculpture can be found in private and corporate collections across the United States. The artist has shown his work by invitation at The Virginia Marine Science Museum, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Allen and his wife Caroline reside in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Stuart, Virginia.

Commissions are accepted.

Support for Conservation:

  • The Virginia History Museum, Richmond, Virginia
    His work has been purchased by The Virginia Historical Society and is on permanent exhibit
  • Patrick County Historical Museum, Stuart, Virginia

  • Informart Magazine (2002)
     - Title: Details of Nature Punctuate Allen Weidhaas's Sculpture
    Author: Theodora Livieratos
    Published by: Westtown Publishing Co., Inc.
  • Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine (2002)
     - Title: "On Cobb Island"
    Author: Stan Van Etten
    Published by: Hunting and Fishing Collectibles, Inc.
  • Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine (2002)
     - Title: "One-of-a-kind Woodcarving For A Wildfowler's Den"
    Author: Stan Van Etten
    Published by: Hunting and Fishing Collectibles, Inc.
  • Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine (2002)
     - Magazine full-cover featured an Allen Weidhaas carving
    Published by: Hunting and Fishing Collectibles, Inc.
  • Wildlife Art (2002)
     - Title: Sporting Art, A Pictorial Legacy (photo included of an Allen Weidhaas Sculpture)
    Author: Editors, Wildlife Art Magazine
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  • Hunting and Fishing Collectibles Magazine (2001)
     - Title: "Allen Weidhaas Wildlife Carver and Sculptor"
    Author: Stan Van Etten
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Organization Membership:
  • 2003 - North American Moose Foundation

  • 2001 - Midwest Decoy Collectors Association



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