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Colin StarkevichColin Starkevich   BSc, AFC, IGOR Colin Starkevich
Oil and Acrylic painting
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Colin Starkevich, is a Canadian artist who wants to deepen his connection with the places in nature and creatures he most relates to through his artwork. Over the years, Colin has developed a strong skill set, found his focus with his work, and has gained some tremendous achievements to date.

Colin is an ambassador for the international CoalitionWILD program and the international Get to Know-your wild neighbours program. Colin was personally invited by Master wildlife artist, Robert Bateman, to attend his Master Artistís Seminar which Colin gratefully attended at age 21 to learn from one of the Masters in wildlife art. At age 23 Colin was selected as a finalist in the international The Artistís Magazineís international art competition competing in the professional division (2013). Colin has also been featured in the international Southwest Art magazine on numerous occasions (most recently in May, 2017).

Colinís largest artistic achievement to date was when he had one of his life dreams come true, a solo exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum. The exhibition took place during the spring and summer of 2015 when Colin was just 25 years old!

Holding a BSc majoring in Environmental Sciences and a diploma in Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation, Colin feels that his educational path has taught him an extreme amount about the wildlife he paints and the ecosystems in which they live. He now feels a lot more confident in his artwork as he can depict subject matter much more accurately from a realistís perspective.

Colin mostly paints the Canadian Natural Grasslands Region as he feels this is where his artistic heart belongs. Portraying the mystical essence and beauty of this vast natural region and all the creatures within it is something Colin takes very seriously. Realizing that this vast landscape is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, he wants to raise the awareness of the beauty and importance of this fragile place. Colin also seeís his work as a celebration of conservation efforts of the past and present that have provided us with the natural world we see today, while raising the consciousness that it is also up to us to do what we can in the present to keep our planet as wild and natural as it can be for the future.

An artist who always continues to push the boundaries with his artwork, Colin Starkevich wants to reach out and inspire as many individuals as possible as Colin feels he can make his largest contribution to our society and the conservation of our natural world in his life through his artwork as he feels that is his unique gift and intends to continue to develop and use it to the best of his ability.

Support for Conservation:
Colin Has been supporting Conservation efforts since his teens. He started by volunteering at a local Birds of Prey Center by assisting in the medical aid of injured birds of prey. Over 10 years later, Colin still volunteers his time at this facility when he is available. Colin has also chose an educational route which has allowed him to contribute more directly to the field of conservation. Colin has worked as a wildlife technician in Canada's arctic, as well as the Alberta Grasslands. Colin has also assisted in shore and water bird surveys in Alberta and has taken part in numerous Christmas bird counts over the years as well.

Through his artwork, especially that in The Grassland Series, Colin has been donating a portion of every sale of original art to Conservation efforts going on specifically within the Grasslands region of Canada.


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