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Suzanne BelairSuzanne Belair   AFC, BSc, IAF Suzanne Belair
Oil painting, mixed media depicting indigenous plants and nature
Born in Montreal, Suzanne Bélair grew up in Laval, and now lives in Pointe-Claire, Québec. At around 12, her passion for oils began and never stopped since. Despite various explorations with other mediums over the years, it is always to oil that she returns and it is with this medium that she decides to develop and better her technique.

After completing a certificate in fashion design, and studies in finance, and while pursuing a productive business career, she continues to study with different artists and modern masters, art always being part of her life. Along the way, she also completed a B.Sc. in biology with a concentration on ecology and environment.Since 2007, her life is dedicated to painting, writing and the environment. She continues with weekly live model workshops to keep up her drawing skills.

Since 2007, she maintains two blogs, one in English and one in French on art, creativity, life and environment. She has participated in more than 40 group exhibits and two solos since 2008 and has juried several art shows.

Through her art, she supports several causes, including the fight against cancer, environmental and animal protection, research on dystonia and the well-being of the physically handicapped.

Art education and training:

• Certificate in Fashion design (1972)
• Plein air workshops and classes with Wang Chui (1996)
• Université de Montréal- Drawing classes, and live model (2001)
• Numerous classes and workshops with modern masters (1995-2011)
• Workshops on study of the old masters technique for portraiture (2009-2010)
• Numerous other technical and creative classes throughout the years
• Personal studies through books and experimentation
• Weekly Live model workshops for the last few years (ongoing)

Art-related professional experience:

• 2014 - Jury member for a professional Artists Group in Montréal
• 2014 - Jury member for the Spring Small Works exhibit at Gallery Sinfonia Di Colori
• 2013 - Jury member for the Gala Academia of the AIBAQ
• Organized indoor as well as outdoor exhibitions (2009-2012)
• Lead series of Still life workshops for Art association with emphasis on composition (2010)
• President Kirkland Artist Association 2009-2011, still on the executive committee now
• Participation in painting a mural for the City of Pointe-Claire (2011)
• Coordination and participation in the design and painting of a children’s mural permanently displayed in the Kirkland municipal library (2008-2009)
• Teach beginner class in oil painting (2006-2007)

Other memberships (Art related):

• Institut des Arts figuratifs (IAF)
• Lakeshore Association of Artists (LAA)
• Kirkland Artists Association (KAA)
• AIBAQ, Québec
• Regroupement des Artistes d'Austin

Support for Conservation:
I went back to school in my 40'S and am now a biologist. I concentrated on ecology and environment and have since been volunteering my knowledge, being on the board of an Estrian lake owner's association for 7 years. My mandate was water protection and education of residents and working in conjunction with local RAPPEL , the association for protection of lakes of teh area. I was involved in taking water samples, having them analysed and interpreting reports for residents. I educated people about water protection, renaturalisation, conservation of wetlands and fauna as well as flora in the area and put measures in place that not only raised awareness but convinced people to be respectful around the lake environment.

For 8 years on the environmental committee of the city of Kirkland, our committee was instrumental in bringing in policies that changed the way residents viewed their environmental responsibilities, introducing recycling, composting, water conservation programs etc. and the way the city now regards environmental protection. I had to leave the committee when I moved out of the city 2 years ago.

Through writing for the Quebec Biologist Association for a few years, I raised awareness with a chronicle entitled "Mode de vie et environnement", researching our everyday decisions on our environment and that of other parts of the world.
Through my 2 blogs : http:/enviroart.wordpress.com and http//enviroartfr.wordpress.com (english and french but not copies or straight translations of one another), I have raised and discussed environmental issues for over seven years and marrying my passion for painting and environment by writing about some of my paintings with an environmental / conservation point of view.

My last solo was on Costa Rica and explained each painting with an environmental perspective as well as cultural
Still today involved as volunteer consultant with the Lake Owner's Ass (APLS)
Financial contribution to favourite groups and causes including Nature Québec, Zoocheck Cda, Greenpeace, Canadian Wildlife Federation, WWF, etc



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Suzanne Belair
86 Oakland rd
Beaconsfield, Quebec
Canada H9W 5C9
Tel: 5143780304
  Artists for Conservation Group
Email: artist@suzannebelair.com
Home Page: http://www.suzannebelair.com
Suzanne Belair Suzanne Belair

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