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Rob ButlerRob Butler   PhD, FRCGS, AFC Rob Butler
Watercolour paintings of birds and expedition landscapes
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Rob Butler is a biologist and a bird artist. His bird paintings are held in collections in Canada and abroad.

Support for Conservation:
Dr. Rob Butler is one of Canada's best known ornithologists. He is widely published in the scientific and popular press where his publications on conservation aided in international and national designations to important bird habitats. His advice is sought by governments and conservation organizations in Canada and abroad. He is co-produced a film called The Perfect State that was shown at AFC 2016 (www.salishseafilm.com).
Special Achievements:
  • 2014 - AFC Monthly Conservation Artist Award
    For artistic excellence and outstanding contribution to the conservation cause.
  • 2014 - Wings Over Water Award
    US Forest Service
  • 1998 - Outstanding Alumnus
    Simon Fraser University
  • 1991 - Doctor of Philosophy
    University of British Columbia
  • 1980 - Master of Science
    Simon Fraser University
  • 2013 - Canadian Wildlife Service
    Nearly 100,000 snow geese arrive each fall to the Alaksen National Wildlife Area on the Fraser River Delta south of Vancouver. I presented a gift of three snow geese descending through the clouds to the Canadian Wildlife Service during a dedication for a new office wing at Alaksen where I started my professional career as a biologist in 1979.
  • 1978 - Simon Fraser University, Biological Sciences
    Three early paintings of a merlin, spotted sandpiper and yellow warbler now hang in the main office of the Biological Sciences department where I completed my Master of Science degree in 1980.
  • The Jade Coast (2003)
    Author - The ecology of the North Pacific. Runner up for BC Books Awards.
    Author: Robert W. Butler
    Published by: Key Port Books, Toronto
  • The Great Blue Heron (1997)
    Author - A now out-of-print classic on the ecology of the great blue heron, with a foreword by Robert Bateman.
    Author: Robert W Butler
    Published by: UBC Press
  • Robert Butler: an all 'round bird lover (1982)
    Illustrated and wrote accompanying article.  - A feature on my art work and story I wrote on endangered species.
    Author: Joanna Dean
    Published by: Western Living Magazine
  • Birds of Precision (1980)
    Feature - This was the first feature of my art for Canadians. The magazine was an insert in most major daily newspapers in Canada.
    Author: Sean Rossiter
    Published by: Canadian Weekend
  • Plantae occidentalis (1980)
    Artist in show. - Illustrated the cover of the book accompanying the show.
    Author: Susan Munro
    Published by: University of British Columbia Botanical Garden Technical Bulletin 11
  • High Country Fliers (1978)
    Author and illustrator - Story and illustrations of birds using mountain habitats.
    Author: Robert Butler
    Published by: Western Living Magazine
  • Canada's newest wildlife artist. (1975)
    Feature - This was the first feature on my art to British Columbians.
    Author: Ron Woodall
    Published by: Westworld magazine
Organization Membership:
  • 2013 - The Royal Canadian Geographic Society, College of Fellows
    Founded in 1929, The Royal Canadian Geographic Society aims to make Canada better known to Canadians and to the world. Fellow.
  • 2008 - The Explorers Club, Fellow International
    Founded over a century ago, The Explorers Club promotes scientific field research and exploration. Fellow International.
  • 2008 - Bird Studies Canada
    Life member
  • 2003 - Pacific WildLife Foundation
    Research and conservation of marine life of the Pacific. Founding member and President.
  • 2000 - NatureKIDS
    Inspire young people to appreciate nature. Founding member and Honorary Director
  • 1976 - American Ornithologists Union


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