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Chris MaynardChris Maynard  
Feather Art, bird themes
Chris Maynard carves feathers into intricate art.

He has worked with feathers since he was 12 years old but only began showing his work in 2010. Since then, his unique feather shadowboxes have been recognized around the world by art collectors and the press in many cultures. See his shadowboxes on www.featherfolio.com and get them through his galleries.

Maynard aims to honor the feathers and the birds they came from. Since feathers are three dimensional, he does not flattened them to a background but sets them apart allowing shadows to form. His work is enclosed in simple wood framed shadowboxes with glass for the smallest pieces and acrylic for anything larger unless noted.

People who see his works and hear his talks have the opportunity to see feathers and birds in a new way. He has a strong background in biology and conservation which are strong themes in his thinking and his art.

He has, over the years, refined his technique and process to create his present art form. His favorite tools are tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps, and magnifying glasses some of which he inherited from his father and grandfather.

Feathers are usually seen as endearingly delicate. They are actually quite tough, having to protect a bird from weather and bumps and scrapes for a year or so. The same can be said about his artwork. Given normal care, his pieces will last as long as archival paintings.

The feathers he uses are all legal to have and sell in the United States. He prefers to use molted feathers and his sources are mostly private aviaries. If you live overseas, please check on your requirements for shipping feather artwork to your country.

His book, Feather Form and Function was published in late November, 2014. It is a small, hardbound tabletop feast of images and text about 'what a feather is, how birds use them, and why we find them alluring. For signed copies, visit his website: www.featherfolio.com

Support for Conservation:
A percentage of proceeds will go to the Audubon Society.

With his formal biology training combined with his interest in feathers, you might think he was an ornithologist. But his formal training was in entomology, the study of bugs. So it doesn't quite follow that he ended up working for 20 years in the field of ichthyology--fish. Maynard negotiated with the owners of the major hydropower dams in the northwestern USA to secure enough water to provide for the flow needs of salmon. He now devotes himself full time as a professional artist.

He is a long-time member of Audubon and a local land trust for which he regularly writes. He often contributes his art to conservation causes, both local and national. In late 2014, he contributed two pieces to the World Parrot Trust where it was placed for bid in an on-line auction. The purpose of this endeavor is to repopulate Blue Fronted Macaws in the Bolivian rain forest.

Special Achievements:
  • 2016 - Art Basel, Miami

  • 2016 - South East Wildlife Expo, Charleston

  • 2016 - Western Visions Art Auction, National Museum of Wildlife, Jackson WY

  • 2016 - Coors Western Art Art, CO

  • 2015 - Birds in Art, Woodson Art Museum, WI

  • 2015 - TED talk
    Watch on YouTube
  • 2015 - Society of Animal Artist, Roger Tory Peterson Museum, NY

  • 2014 Plenary Speaker Audubon Society Annual Dinner, March

  • Private, commercial, and public collectors from around the world.

  • Feathers, Form and Function (2014)
    More about Feathers, Form and Function
    Author and artist - A tabletop feast of Maynard's art plus 40 pages of information about feathers: what they are, what they do for birds, and their myth and meaning.

    Author: Chris Maynard
    Published by: Aviva
  • Smithsonian (2012)
    More about Smithsonian
  • Huffington Post (2012)
    More about Huffington Post
  • Microsoft Themes 
    More about Microsoft Themes
     - In 2014, the second in a series of a dozen of Chris Maynard's feather cutout images can be downloaded for your screensaver. These have been downloaded around the world over a million times.
Organization Membership:
  • 2016 - Society of Animal Artists
    signature member


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