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Paula WiegminkPaula Wiegmink   ARAD Paula Wiegmink
Wildlife oils, acrylic, pastel, mixed media & watercolour
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A multi award winning artist Paula Wiegmink who exhibits internationally was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. She immigrated to Australia 22 years ago with her husband and children and recently moved from Perth to Dunsborough, South West Australia.

1979, after migrating to Johannesburg, South Africa, she resumed her career teaching classical ballet and modern dance and judged numerous dance festivals and competitions. During this time she was also studying art at the Da Vinci Fine Art Studio under the guidance of the late Carlo Sdoya who was trained by the masters in Italy. Paula’s first exhibited painting, ‘Homeward Bound’, with the Brush and Chisel Club, was purchased by the South African Railways.

1994, shortly after joining the Canning Arts Group, Paula was invited to exhibit as ‘Artist of the Month’. She then went on to conduct all media night classes for the next 6 years. Her teaching extended to the ‘Village Club’ RAAFA retirement village where she taught for 11 years, as well as conducting workshops, artist in residence and private tutoring.

2009, Paula launched her first book titled, ‘Footsteps in Time’ a family journey from the earliest of her ancestors arriving in Africa from 1709 - 2009. Over a 5 year period she returned periodically to Africa where her research took her on an incredible journey. The book launch coincided with her first major solo art exhibition, ‘The Winds of Change’ followed by solo exhibitions, ‘Silent Reverie’ – 2011, ‘Cinnabar – 2014, Pullman Resort - 2016

2012, a South African conservation group invited Paula to do a large scale painting of a rhino on ‘World Rhino Day’. The WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) offered their stand as a venue during the ‘Sunday Tribune Garden and Home Show’ at the showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Before leaving Australia she decided to do a preparatory piece and her painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ – hear my voice was born. This painting emerged from deep within and turned out to be a very confronting image. The organization asked if they could display this painting alongside a life size iron sculpture of a rhino. The stand won the only gold certificate awarded in that class. Her follow up painting done on sight was titled ‘Freedom of the rhino’ – show me the way, which she donated to the Rhino Pages organization to raise funds for the cause. Paula decided not to sell ‘Tears of the rhino’ but to rather use it as a tool to raise awareness of the global destruction of the rhino species.

2012-2013, Paula was elected president of the Alfred Cove Art Society and is currently an active member of, Alfred Cove Art Society, Save African Rhino Conservation and is a signature member of Artists for Conservation.

2013, in conjunction with the Save African Rhino foundation, Paula donated her time as host and artist in residence for her first African Art Safari in Zimbabwe, raising $6000 for the foundation.

In 2014, Paula’s painting ‘To the point’ of an African pale chanting goshawk was shortlisted for exhibition with the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year’ in London. Meeting David Shepherd in person on opening night at the Mall Galleries, Mall Street London was the highlight of her trip.

2015, Coolamon Rotary, Australia asked for permission to use the image of ‘Tears of the rhino’ for the international One fight, Unite- SAY NO awareness poster campaign. The poster is being signed by influential high profile people from all over the world. To date among those who have signed are: Dr Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Noam Chompsky and Ricky Gervais.

2015, CEO Graeme Stevenson invited Paula to appear on the television art program ‘Colour in Your Life’ featuring her painting ‘Tears of the rhino’. The CIYL series has now gone global.

2015,The AFC awarded Paula the June monthly honour for outstanding artistic talent and extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause.
Paula was invited to exhibit at the 2015 AFC annual live exhibition held at the Waterfront Hotel followed by Grouse Mountain Resort, Vancouver, Canada. She also featured as international guest youth art instructor, where she co-lead art workshops with Jeffrey Whiting at Grouse Mountain.

2016 as the official One Fight Unite campaign's artist Paula was asked to create a special piece of a chimpanzee in celebration of Dr Jane Goodall's 25th anniversary of her Roots and Shoots program.

2016, Paula's paintings 'Into oblivion' was exhibited at the annual live exhibition at Grouse Mountain and was also selected for the traveling exhibition to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Paula works in a variety of mediums and has a passion for wildlife, still life, portraiture, landscape, photography and writing. Hoping to create awareness by drawing attention to the vulnerability of endangered species and the natural world she is happiest when surrounded by nature soaking in the environment.

Paula’s work hangs in private and corporate collections in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, America, Canada, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Holland, New Zealand, Spain and Australia.

Support for Conservation:
Paula has supported the following local and international conservation groups by donating paintings for auction to raise funds:
2016 - Collaborative art project to raise funds for The Australian Rhino project
2016 - International Coalition of Rhino Protection WA/Mozambique
2016 - Painted Dog Conservation - Western Australia
2015 - Lionaid - London UK
2015 - Painted Dog Conservation - Western Australia
2015 - Victory for Animals Society - Toronto, BC
2015 - Rages One Fight Unite - UK/Australia
2015 - Numbat Conservation Exhibition Western Australia
2014 - Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species NSW
2014 - Painted Dog Conservation Western Australia
2014 - Save Foundation Western Australia
2013 - Rotarian Action Group NSW
2013 - Save Foundation Western Australia
2013 - Painted Dog Conservation Western Australia
2012 - Rhino Pages launch South Africa
2012 - Silvery Gibbon Project Western Australia
2011 - Painted Dog Conservation Perth WA
2011 - Zimbabwe Wild Life Fund Western Australia
2011 -Telethon Art Auction Western Australia
2010 - Painted Dog Conservation Western Australia
2010 - Painted Dog Conservation Western Australia

Other projects:
2016 - Research/education in South Africa for endangered species
2016 - Launch of awareness poster - 'Tears are not enough' for the 25th anniversary for Dr Janes Goodall's Roots and Shoots program as part of the Rages One Fight Unite campaign
2015 - International Poster Campaign - Rages One Fight Unite raising awareness of endangered species
2013 - Raised $6,000 donated to ‘Save the African Rhino Foundation’, Perth Western Australia by donating time as artist in residence, hosting African Art Safari to Zimbabwe.
2013 – Permission given to Rotary International to use the image of my painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ hear my call, for their RAGES logo a Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species
2013 Rotary Club of Kenton- on Sea, South Africa requested permission to use the image of ‘Tears of the rhino’ hear my call for the front cover of their visitors book – pledging donations or interest for conservation, for the annual Rotary convention in Lisbon.
2012 – Invited by ‘The Rhino Pages’, South Africa to paint a large scale painting of a rhino on sight as part of the WESSA - Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, stand on ‘World Rhino Day’ at the Sunday Tribune Garden & Home Show, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The painting entitled– ‘Freedom of the rhino’ – show me the way was donated to raise funds for the cause.

Special Achievements:
  • Colour in Your Life Television Art Program (2015)
    More about Colour in Your Life Television Art Program
    Recreating and talking about the inspiration for my painting 'Tears of the rhino' . - Drawing attention through my painting to the plight of the diminishing rhino population. This program has gone global and can also be viewed on utube www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgcXE7_4K08
    Author: Graeme Stevenson
    Published by: Colour in Your Life - Mazuma Productions
  • Artists and Photographers for Conservation (2014)
    More about Artists and Photographers for Conservation
    Author - News article about recent African Art Safari to Zimbabwe to raise funds for the rhino and the proposed 2014/2015 tour
    Author: Paula Wiegmink
    Published by: Artist's Palette Magazine no 130
  • Artists Palette no 116 (2013)
    More about Artists Palette no 116
    Artist insight and demonstration -  I was invited to submit an insight article for the Artists palette which I titled 'Pursue Your dreams'. They also asked me to contribute a demonstartion. I was just about to leave for Africa to paint a rhino on world rhino day to highlight the plight of these animals. I had decided to do a preliminary peace which I titled 'Tears of the Rhino'. This was the perfect opportunity for me to bring attention to the readers of the totally unnecessary slaughtering of the rhino population.
    Author: Paula Wiegmink
    Published by: Simon Mullen
  • Albert's Bad Day (2013)
    Illustrations - A children's book about an Australian Numbat called Albert. One of a series of 5 books illustrated by different artists
    Author: Paul Ashford Harris
    Published by: Paul Ashford Harris
  • Afriqan Times (2011)
    More about Afriqan Times
    The Director approached me to do an interview and write a follow up article, bringing attention to how immigrants are contributing to the Australian society.  - An article contributing to a series on phenomenal woman who have immigrated to Australia.
    Author: Emmanuel Solomon
    Published by: The Afriqan Times in Australia
  • Silent reverie (2011)
    More about Silent reverie
    Article written on invitation - Winds of Change, solo exhibition showcasing work inspired by my travels from Africa to Kununurra Western Australia and the effects of these two vastly contrasting environments on me. Both countries offering such diversity and spiritual uplifting.
    Author: Paula Wiegmink
    Published by: Sabona Magazine
  • Eyes have it in Paula's wildlife art (2011)
    More about Eyes have it in Paula's wildlife art
    I was approched and interviewed for article - Article about two upcoming exhibitions featuring my passion for wildlife
    Author: Canning Community newspaper
    Published by: Community newspaper
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