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Zel StoltzfusZel Stoltzfus   BSc Zel Stoltzfus
Primarily Pencil and Charcoal
Growing up in the deserts of New Mexico, among the forests and coastlands of the Northeastern US and on the edge of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, I spent a lot of time immersed in nature. I was drawing early, at age six and I can remember my ambition to be a whale rider or a park ranger.

So it made some sense that I followed my love of realistic painting and drawing, eschewing the modernism and abstraction for the representational. Realism spoke to me, finding the mystic and moving in the animals and plants that fascinated me. Intricacy in detail. Painting murals, reconstructing fossil plants, breathing some life back into cold, dead rock.

But now living in Brisbane, Australia I am being inspired continually by the lush subtropical landscapes, plants and animals in this amazing state of Queensland. I feel more and more a change creeping into my art. Not drastic but I realize that abstraction has its beauty. Texture and pattern in nature is often just that, a beautiful series of small abstractions that put together, make a larger whole. My love and passions nowhere reach as deep as these tropical grasslands and forests of the world where evolution has pushed diversity to the extreme and intricacy and detail are everywhere.


  • 2010 - Millersville University Herbarium
    Donation of original botanical plate to Millersville University Herbarium where I have many fond memories of spending long hours hunched over dried botanicals, studying and drawing away.


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