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Freehand brushwork depicting Tigers
Liu Guangda, renowned for his freehand brushwork depicting tigers in ink and wash painting, is among the most influential artists in Chinese painting today.

By drawing the different looks and postures of tigers, Liu seems to capture their soul with delicate skill, combining the essence of Chinese and Western fine arts and form his own unique painting style.

Born in 1941 in Shangqiu, Henan province, Liu graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.

He has pursued the arts for nearly 60 years - in oil painting, watercolors, city sculpture, stage design art and other crafts. Liu also has a good grasp of Chinese paintings on other themes such as landscapes, figures, flowers, birds and beasts.

As a nationally honored artist, Liu has served as the president of a Chinese freehand tiger research association. He also has other 43 titles including China regional director of World Artists' Federation, lifelong honorary president of Chinese Artists' Exchange Association and director of Chinese Calligraphy Artists' Association.

He has won a string of honors in painting, including 96 separate gold, silver, bronze awards. He has participated in more than 100 domestic and international painting exhibitions, charity activities and auctions over the past decade.

His works have been collected in 88 authoritative art books and galleries in various countries and regions including the United States, Japan, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, as well as Taiwan.

Liu has held numerous individual exhibitions in Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Zibo, Nanjing, Shanghai, Kunshan, Sanya and other cities, attracting wide media attention.

Last year, Liu's work Tiger Growls to Welcome Spring was presented to Al Gore, former US vice president, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From March 20 to 31 this year, his individual exhibition of freehand tiger brushwork in ink and wash painting toured nationally, marking another peak in the arts for him.

Guo Haoman, chairman of exchange association for international calligraphy and painting collectors, said that Liu is a real artist with innovation spirit, masterly ability, expert technique, and marked personal style. Guo himself has collected nearly 150 Liu's paintings.

"Diligence and comprehension are necessary for success in the arts," Liu said. "Only through constant practice will we be able to have a good command of painting techniques and perceive the essence."



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