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Cindy BillingsleyCindy Billingsley   AFC Cindy Billingsley
Wildlife painting and sculpture, mainly one of a kind work
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Artist Cindy Billingsley
Cindy is one of those few artists that both sculpts and paints. To her painting and sculpting is like speaking in two different languages, she might be able to express to you an idea better in one then the other. She spends her time working in bodies of series in both Wildlife and issues in society like Alzheimer's disease. With her art she wants to try and make a difference in the world, to bring awareness, to communicate and bring about change.
Her wonderful sculptures have a real lifelike quality, especially her animals in clay. They look as though they could just get up and walk off. She prefers to capture the spirit and gesture of an animal in as few a details as possible.
She has been a painter from a very young age. Her love of animals drew her to the more unusual ones and solitary ones like the Okapi, and octopus. The artist spends most of their time alone in the studio and she found it interesting to be drawn to these types of animals.
She likes to really research her subjects even if she is just limited to zoos and nature centers.
She spends her days working in her studio in Tennessee, on work for national exhibitions, public art, and commissions.
Cindy hopes that one day art will bring enough awareness that animals will always have a place in this world.

Special Achievements:
  • 2016 -  Artist for Conservation Environmental calendar Cover 2017
    "Honey Bees" painting won the cover of the AFC Environmental Calendar for 2016
  • 2016 - 40 Ducks painted for Fish and Wildlife Headquarters Louisiana
    Painted 36 ducks and 4 Geese to exact patterns and colors for Fish and Wildlife Headquarters. The Ducks will be installed inside the headquarters in June 2016 and will be in flight overhead. The project is to educate the public on how to ID ducks and geese by their patterns and colors.
  • 2014 - Hornet Bronze- Shenandoah University
    4' bronze Hornet Mascot holding a double Helix for Shenandoah University's Science building. Shenandoah University is located in Virginia
  • 2010 - Brentwood Library- Wildlife Sculptures and Murals
    Public Art Commission- Cindy designed and painted 15 large Murals and sculpted 23 Tennessee Wildlife animals for the Children's section of the brentwood Library. The idea was to help educate the children in TN about the local wildlife.
  • Contemporary Wildlife Art Book (2015)
    More about Contemporary Wildlife Art Book
    photos of my wildlife sculptures and descriptions  - The book contains beautiful Wildlife art in all media. I have a three piece lay out of 12 of my wildlife sculptures
    Author: Cindy Ann Coldiron
    Published by: Schiffer
  • CeramicsNow Magazine article "Endangered animals" (2012)
    More about CeramicsNow Magazine article "Endangered animals"
    Interview about why I choice to sculpt endangered animals and pieces about Alzheimer's disease. - This is an article in a international Ceramics magazine about why I choice to sculpt what i do. And why I sculpt endangered animals as a main subject
    Published by: CeramicsNow magazine
Organization Membership:
  • 2013 - ArAnimA
    Wildlife art organization in France
  • 2005 - National Association of Women Artists
    NAWA is the oldest women's fine art organization in the country, founded in 1889. The organization strives to support it's members and women artists in exhibitions and education.


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