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Wildlife, Endangered Species, and Conservation
Phyllis Frazier’s paintings reflect her lifelong interest in art, nature, and the animal world.

In addition to receiving a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art from New York University, Phyllis has studied with noted wildlife photographers (to learn how to take her own animal references for study), natural history filmmakers, wildlife conservationists, artists and animal trackers (to understand animals in their own environments, from movement to camouflage).

Although pleased with her art history education from NYU, the artist felt there was more work to be done in the studio to hone her artistic abilities, and so, she embarked on semi-private instruction with several established artist-faculty from the New York Academy of Art. It was through this tutelage that she reached a greater understanding and appreciation for a classical artistic foundation, culminating in her present style of portraying the animal and elements of nature.

Phyllis focuses primarily on endangered species — reflecting her commitment to furthering the importance of conservation.

“Working on a wildlife painting, my mind romances the ages of masters before me — Da Vinci, Degas, and Pisanello. Working on a painting of a tiger or elephant brings me back to the present, and how my art may serve to protect them.”

Though she enjoys working privately on commissions, her work has also benefited various fundraising projects for such organizations as the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey (for shorebird protection), the Wetlands Institute, and the Sahara Conservation Fund.

Mesmerized by the complexity of forms in the animal world, she explores the infinite variety of textures, shapes, and colors of feathers, skin, and fur. With oil as her primary medium, she endeavors to not only accurately portray the animal’s physical appearance, but also to reach an inner quality — the essence of the individual — its inner life. “Not to claim understanding,” says the artist, “but to acknowledge an awareness of its own reality. If I can achieve even an intimation of this in my works, then perhaps I will evoke in others the same sense of wonder and respect I feel for animals.”

Says Frazier, “Each species is elegantly complete. As an artist, I strive to portray the grace and beauty of those species with which we share this world, and to inspire in others an appreciation for their magnificence.”

Support for Conservation:
Sahara Conservation Fund

Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

The Wetlands Institute

Special Achievements:
  • 2011 - Artists for Conservation
    Invited to join Artists for Conservation as a Signature Member.
  • 2002 - Art of the Animal Kingdom VII
    "Study of Tiger in Long Grass," selected for inclusion in "Art of the Animal Kingdom VII," Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vermont. June 15 - July 28, 2002.
  • 2002 - 2003 - Art of the Animal Kingdom VII
    Included in the nationally touring exhibition of "Art of the Animal Kingdom VII," August 2002- March 2003.
  • 2001 - Wings 'n Water Festival
    First Place, Wildlife Art, Wings 'n Water Festival, New Jersey, 2001.
  • Wildlife Art News (2002) 
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