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Susanne StaafSusanne Staaf   AFC Susanne Staaf
Wildlife Art, Engraving, Sculpture, Scrimshaw, Tattoo
Born on the edge of the forest outside Huskvarna, Sweden, 1965, she developed her passion for animals and nature and expressed it through claysculptures, paper and pencil already at early age.
Her passion for land and marine wildlife conservation issues also started early as seascout.

Residing on the wild eastern shore of lake Vättern Susannes Studio is filled with artwork that contain wildlife and habitats from all over the world.
In the nearby wilderness and on travels she enjoys hiking, canoeing excorsions and scuba diving in search of subjects for her art.

Susanne Staaf work with both wild and domestic animals in her art, with the goal to catch their expressive personality and energy and share it with the viewer through art and crafts styles as paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, engravings, scrimshaw and tattoo.

A proud Signature Member with the AFC (Artist for Conservation)
” Through my art I wish to give the wildlife a voice to provoke an awareness and apprecitation of the natural world on our planet Earth.”

Susanne started as a professional engraver in 1990. Before that Susanne was a protege’ to the late great master engraver Hans Svensson at the Husqvarna fire arms manufacture. The Husqvarna engraving tradition goes more then 300 years back and in particular the famous scroll tradition.

Susanne Staaf is the only engraver who is using this Swedish scroll style today. She has developed the Husqvarna scroll tradition and taken it further and made it more refined. Eskilstuna rifle manufacture hired Susanne after Hans Svensson left, engraving the top of the line model Carl Gustaf 2000.

All engravings are made by hand! Susanne uses only hammer and chisel. A short description of engraving as an art work would simply be to cut ornaments, embellishments and pictures in metal.

Susanne has designed a new line of jewellery. It is varied with opportunities for own wishes from the customer.

Susanne Staaf been part of the art scene for more Tham 30 years and represented in USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, New Zeeland and Scandinavia. In public service as well as in private collections.

Exhibitions during 2008 has been Palace Öster Malma, Palace Tullgarn resident the royal family of Sweden and Palace Bosjökloster.
2009, Palace Öster Malma separate exhibition,
collective exhibition with Nordic Wild Life Art in Bruno Liljefors estate in Österbybruk june through august 2009, Exhibitions in her own gallery Noble Art Gallery and residence bordering lake Vättern. Summer exhibition 2010 and 2014, Eriksberg manor, Trensum ,Sweden. Jönköping University, Sweden, UNESCO, ICC, 2014

Susanne Staafs Work are shown and for purchase at
Palace Öster Malma, Nyköping,
Gyttorp, Ingelstad and
Noble Art Gallery, Gränna.

Support for Conservation:
Susanne Staaf pledge 10% of each artwork sold to varios organizations dedicated to conserving wildlife

Organization Membership:
  • Artists for Conservation (AFC) (WNAG)



Direct Correspondence to:Susanne Staaf
Susanne Staaf
c/o Susanne Staaf Wildlife Art & Engraving
Postboks 1564, Stoa
Norway 4856
Tel: +47 90268123
  Artists for Conservation Group
Email: susannestaaf@live.se
Susanne Staaf Susanne Staaf

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