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Christian Daché loves hanging around paths with all his senses wide awake and therefore his work is heavily influenced by the surrounding nature. He was born in 1948 in Chitry les mines in France..

His eyes are constantly in waiting for the slightest movement on the ground or in the air. He can immediately perceive a fox pounce with its lithe grace, the deer or even the smallest beetle, and stand still for hours of observation. He finds an interest in every element, every animal can form the subject of a study, and the smallest or the most common one can be as fascinating as the most unusual. It was in his early childhood spent in Alsace (east of France) and Morvan (center of France) that the artist fell deeply in love with wild spaces and felt the urgent need of living close to nature.

The rivers and lakes of the Morvan region were his first playgrounds. There he developed the art of patience and contemplation. Since he was fairly good at sketching, he soon started to draw the animals he had come across while rambling.

When the time of choosing a career came, he obviously thought of something in connection with the arts but became a physical education teacher. He now works in a Lycée (high school) in Brittany where he is fond of outdoors sports, turning his students into trappers !

Christian Daché is an expressionist artist ; in his paintings the animals sweep into the foreground and the landscape merely stands in ecstasy. There are not many colours and monochrome paintings are frequent. He likes drawing the animal on the move either running down a mountain or bolting out of a bush, the violence of male fights during the mating season or else the furtive or surprised animal.

The water with its mysteries and magic spells is also present in the works showing waterbirds. He always looks for a poetic atmosphere, often harmonizing cold colours as he particularly enjoys the colours of winter. The animal is depicted with a naturalistic realism but surroundings look abstract. The artist has naturally chosen watercolours for their fluidity, limpidity and the possibility they offer to create fantasy. He is fascinated by the uncontrollable side of that medium as painting regurlarly brings surprises. He always starts his work observing, sketching, taking notes and photos. The study is very accurate, every detail is drawn and the preliminary drawing can sometimes end up in the painting itself. After laying drawing gum the artist use watercolour on wet or dry paper. These two technics could be used in the same work.

Christian Daché particularly appreciates artists such as R.Bateman, L.Jonsson, R.Poortvliet, F.Pompon and M.Solberg.

Support for Conservation:
Member of VIVARMOR Nature Association Saint Brieuc France

Member of SNAA Société Nationale des Artistes Animaliers France


  • Nature sensible en Poitou-Charentes (2009)
    Illustrator - Voyage à travers les espaces naturels de la région Poitou-Charentes
    Author: Collectifs
    Published by: Editions Pique-Prune
  • Le Monde de la Rivière (2002)
    Illustrator - Cet ouvrage est un parcours pédagogique au fil de l'eau.
    Author: Didier Durand
    Published by: CRDP
  • La Rance de Saint Malo à Dinan (2000)
    Illustrator - L'ouvrage se veut le reflet de l'envoûtante splendeur d'un des plus beaux estuaires de Bretagne.
    Author: Christian et Caroline Daché
    Published by: Editions Gallimard
Organization Membership:
  • 2003 - VVARMOR Nature Saint Brieuc France
    Association de sauvegarde de la nature en Côtes d'Armor
  • 2000 - SNAA Société Nationale des Artistes Animaliers



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