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Deborah CrossmanDeborah Crossman  
Pastel, Animal Portraiture, Avian Art
Deborah Crossman was born and raised in a small, rural community in Central New York. "I've always been thankful for growing up in a rural area. The freedom to roam through woods and creeks has a unique way of fostering the imagination and soul of a child. Much of the work that I do now is rooted in that early love for the wildlife I was immersed in. I have a particular fondness for birds and I tend to incorporate bird imagery into much of my work. I'm fascinated by the visual metaphors that can be drawn from them, as well as the way they lend themselves to explorations in pattern, texture and color."

The majority of Crossman's work is done in pastel, a medium that she loves for its color saturation, textural qualities and immediacy. "I also love the medium's capacity for detail, a capacity which hasn't been explored by many pastelists. Most apply pastel as an impressionist would paint, allowing the strokes to remain visible. My own method of application, however, is quite different. I enjoy blending and manipulating the pastel to achieve a seamless quality. I like the smooth, saturated look of traditional oil paintings and I strive to create that same effect in pastel (a medium that doesn't require solvents, extended drying time, or surface preparations)."

Crossman’s work has been featured in publications such as the Pastel Journal, The Artist’s Magazine, and in books such as “Strokes of Genius 6: Value/Lights and Darks.” She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Connecticut Pastel Society, as well as Artists for Conservation.

Crossman received her Master of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. She also holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She spent 6 years teaching before leaving education to pursue her art. "I really enjoyed teaching, but it left me little time to work on my art. I knew I would always regret not dedicating more time to it." She currently resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Special Achievements:
  • 2014 - Connecticut Pastel Society Member's Exhibition Award
    "Peckers" was awarded a CPS Honorable Mention
  • 2013 - Connecticut Pastel Society Member's Exhibition Award
    "Magnetic" was awarded the 2013 Rembrant Pastels Award
  • 2013 - Selected for Publication in "Strokes of Genius 6"
    "Empty Spaces" was selected for inclusion in the book
  • 2012 - Pastel Journal's "Pastel 100" Honorable Mention
    "Chasing the Light" was awarded an Honorable Mention in the animal/wildlife category. The image will appear in the April 2012 edition of the magazine.
  • 2011 - Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist
    "Gossamer Threads" was selected as a finalist in the Animal Art Category.
  • 2011 - Kent Art Association Award of Excellence
    "Gossamer Threads" received a 2011 Award of Excellence for outstanding work in pastel.
  • 2010 - Connecticut Pastel Society Member's Exhibition Award
    "Whiteness" was awarded a 2010 CPS Honor Award (top honors).
  • 2009 - Kent Art Association Award of Excellence
    "Great Blue" received a 2009 Award of Excellence for outstanding work in pastel.
  • 2009 - Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist
    "The Space Between" was selected as a finalist in the Animal Art Category.
  • 2009 - Connecticut Pastel Society Member's Exhibition Award
    "Little Love" was awarded the 2009 AI Friedman Award.
  • 2008 - Target Professional Development Grant
    A grant awarded to selected Savannah College of Art and Design alumni to provide financial assistance with professional development opportunities.
  • 2008 - Artist's Magazine Artist of the Month
    One of 12 artists selected from over 11,000 entries to be featured as an artist of the month.
  • 2008 - Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist
    "Harlequin Macaw" was selected as a finalist in the Animal Art Category.
  • 2008 - Connecticut Pastel Society Member's Exhibition Award
    "Morning Light" was awarded a 2008 CPS Award.
  • 2007 - Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist
    "Peckers" was selected as a finalist in the Experimental Art Category.
  • 2007 - North Light Cover Competition
    "Suncatcher" was awarded 3rd place in North Light's Annual Cover Competition.
  • 2007 - American Artist Semifinalist
    "Empty Spaces" was selected as a semifinalist in the drawing category of American Artist's 70th Anniversary Competition.
  • 2006 - Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition Finalist
    "Suncatcher" was selected as a finalist in the Animal Art Category.
  • Reineman Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Center

  • Strokes of Genius 6: Value/ Lights & Darks 
    "Empty Spaces" was chosen for inclusion in the book  - Due out October 2014
    Author: Rachel Wolf
    Published by: North Light Books
Organization Membership:
  • Pastel Society of America

    The Pastel Society of America is the oldest and most prestigious pastel society in America. It aims to set standards of excellence in the pastel medium and to unite pastel artists nationwide.
  • Connecticut Pastel Society

    The Connecticut Pastel Society is a statewide fine arts organization intent on increasing the awareness of pastel as a fine art medium.
  • Artists for Conservation

    Artists for Conservation is an international group of artists dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation. It is a leading online source for collectors of wildlife and nature art.
  • The Society of Creative Arts of Newtown

    SCAN is an art association of Western Connecticut area artists who's mission is rooted in art education, as well as supporting the visual arts and the artists themselves.
  • Kent Art Association

    Founded in 1923, the Kent Art Association promotes the appreciation, understanding and education of the fine arts in Connecticut.
  • Flagpole Photographers

    Flagpole photographers is a Connecticut based photography group which enables members to share their images and expertise through program lectures, workshops, monthly competitions, field trips and community service projects.


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