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Eriko KobayashiEriko Kobayashi   AFC Eriko Kobayashi
Nature and birds, animals in watercolor
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I was born in Mitaka-city, Tokyo and raised in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture; the countryside around the town led me to the natural world naturally.

Although I kept pet birds and hens, most of my interest was focused on insects as my "first wildlife".

I became deeply absorbed in Nature programs on TV and loved to draw wild animals that I was watching in the programs.

I took oil painting at the Art College in Yokohama, however, the teachers did not allow me to paint animals because "animals are not suitable as a subject". I became disappointed and considered quitting art studies.
After graduating college I became acquainted with North American "Wildlife Art" and it inspired me to paint wildlife as my true direction in art.

I sketched everything I saw: backyard birds, plants, and insects. I spent many moments feeling the fullness and connection with nature.

My first travel abroad was to Canada and the USA in 1993. I became absorbed in sketching the behaviors of birds and mammals living within their natural habitat. Subsequently, I visited Ecuador, The Galapagos, Midway Islands, Spain, and Palau, but I love the northern country the best which lead me to East Hokkaido where spent two years (2001-02).

A kind landowner rented me an old house that I mended, thus making it possible to live there by myself. Living in Hokkaido during the winter season was severe. Eventually that experience let me feel and respect the spirits, the essence of nature, from my heart much more than before and to express the changes of four seasons more closely.

We can hardly find "wilderness" in my country these days. Yet, we have a tradition in our Japanese Culture to treat nature that you cannot see as gods and to live with them as ‘neighbors'.

I like that way. I would like to not to forget this: to have keen eyes to see, feel and keep learning from natural spirits and their modest messages.

I have explored several media, such as colored pencil, acrylic, and copper print. Presently, I am most comfortable using watercolor and India ink, which retains in me the "Japanese Spirit" inherent in these media. I strive to portray the drama, atmosphere, and soul of nature with lesser and fewer strokes. I paint with a feeling to repay nature, which has given me so many gifts for my life.

The greatest happiness of my artistic life is to share the natural world through my artworks with an audience, even if they live in a city, and which allows the viewer a chance to give their eyes a little bit more toward the natural beings living near to us.

Presently, I live in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture that has fertile rice paddies where shorebirds and ducks drop in during the migration season; Goshawks live in surrounding coppices.

My illustrations and artworks have appeared in various books and magazines in Japan.

2000 Japan Wild Bird Society "Marunouchi Saezuri-kan" / Marunouchi, Tokyo (‘02,'04)
2001 Gallery"Sekiun" / Harajuku, Tokyo (‘03,'05)
2002 Gallery "YUME-FUSHA" / Akkeshi, Hokkaido
Tsurui Art Gallery / Tsurui, Hokkaido
Kiritappu marsh trust / Hamanaka, Hokkaido
2003 Kiritappu Marsh Nature center / Hamanaka, Hokkkaido
Gallery"Huit" / Shinjuku, Tokyo
2004Junkudo Bookstore Gallery space / Ikebukuro,Tokyo(‘06)
2005 SAIKA-YA Departmentstore gallery space / Yokosuka,Kanagawa

Support for Conservation:
Special Achievements:
  • 2009 - November 25-30 Eriko Kobayashi Private Art Show
    Gallery Sekiun. Shubuya-ku, Harajuku, Tokyo

  • 2008 - July 10-16 Nature Art Show
    Wildlife, Animal and Botanical Art. Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi, Tokyo
  • 2008 - July 30-August 5 Small Life of Forest and Water
    Variety of Art of Small Life by Ten Artists.
  • 2008 - August 4-8 Avian Art Exhibition  
    Art Show at American Ornithologists Union / Cooper Society / Society of Canadian Ornithologists meeting
    Portland, Oregon,US
  • 2008 - The Art of Conservation2008

  • 2008 - October 29 - November 3 "Bird Art Exhibition"
    Bird Art by Seven Artists; Isetan Department Store ,fuchu,Tokyo
  • 2008 - November 24-30 Nature Art by Three Women Artists
    Art of Utako Kikutani, Kisui Muto, Eriko Kobayashi
    Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi, Tokyo
  • 2007 - July11-17 Nature Art Exhibition
    Wildlife, Animal and Botanical Art. Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi, Tokyo
  • 2007 - July 8-13 Bird Sketch & Flower Art
    Art of Eriko Kobayashi & Misao Hayashi. Art Box Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo
  • 2007 - October 31- November 5 "Bird Art Exhibition"
    Bird Art by Mitsuru Nagashima, Akihiko Nishiike,Masuhide Murakami, Takahide Yamanaka, Eriko Kobayashi
  • 2006 - July12-18 Nature Art Exhibition
    Wildlife, Animal and Botanical Art. Maruzen Bookstore Marunouchi, Tokyo
  • 2006 - December 1 - January 5 '07
    One man Show of Nature Illustration at Junkdo book store,Ikebukuro,Tokyo
  • 2006 - November 21-26 Eriko Kobayashi Private Art Show
    Gallery Sekiun. Shubuya-ku, Harajuku, Tokyo
  • 2005 -  The Seabird Design Competition
    The seabird design competition; prized
  • 2002 - The Nature Art Exhibition, Shinjuku, Tokyo

  • Tiny Piita (2009)
    More about Tiny Piita
     - Original Story about a Little Grebe chick .
    Children's book age 4~
    Author: Eriko Kobayashi
    Published by: Koguma-sha
  • Harappa no Ohanashi (A Story of Field ) (2009)
    More about Harappa no Ohanashi (A Story of Field )
     - illustrations
    Author: Muku Hatoju
    Published by: PHP interface
  • BIRDER-Monthly Magazine for Birders (2007)
    More about BIRDER-Monthly Magazine for Birders
     - illustration for world 100 special birds
    Serialized 2007-2008
    Published by: Bunichisougo-shuppan
  • Serialized Art and Writing on Birds (2004)
     - Art & Writing serialized for Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds monthly magazine 2001~’04
    Author: Eriko Kobayashi
    Published by: Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds
  • “Birds life” (2003)
     - Illustrations
    Published by: Kaisei-sha publishing 2003
  • “Poplardia” (Encyclopedia for youth age) (2002)
     - Birds & Mammal Illustrations
    Published by: Popra-sha Publishing 2002
  • “Birders Journal” (1995)
     - Cover Illustrations, Pen&Ink illustrations
    Published by: Birding Magazine of Canada
  • “Yasei-doubutsu”(Wildlife animals) (1992)
     - Illustrations
    Published by: Sekai Bunka-sha Publishing
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